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Woodbury Station Cafe – Woodbury, NJ

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All aboard a great breakfast.

101 Cooper Street, Woodbury, NJ 08096
(856) 384-6700
Meal: Breakfast / Weekend
Price: $24 (for two – excludes tip)

It’s tough to find a good crepe in South Jersey. After a short run, our once-favorite hangout 5th Corner Cafe in Collingswood closed its doors years ago. A year ago, Crepe and Ribbon in Haddonfield shut down. What are a couple of trendy breakfast diners to do? Apparently the answer is now going to be the heading to the Woodbury Station Cafe in, you guessed in, Woodbury.

We visited on a late Sunday morning and caught the tail end of a the church crowds. The place smacked of good old fashioned home cooking, with its atmosphere clearly leaning on ‘old fashioned’.  According to Autumn, the place was ‘adorable’. For my tastes, it was just a little too close to eating at my grandmother’s house. Vinyl doily-esque tablecloths adorned what were no doubt perfectly good tables. A monoculture of food and floral artwork staggered the walls to compliment the odd rustic-country-french decor. They’ve got outdoor seating available year round thanks to an attached outdoor patio covered in plastic and heated (but not enough to melt the plastic). They claim they can cater up to 100 people for an event, which would probably make for a rather cozy affair.

We were greeted immediately upon entering the door – a major plus – and paired with an exceptionally polite and knowledgeable young waiter. After much deliberation, and soliciting his input, Autumn decided to try the ‘American Caboose’ (a fresh strawberry and blueberry crepe with whipped creme and powered sugar) at $6.95 and I went for broke with the ‘chesapeake’ (fresh crab, hollandaise, asparagus,and two poached eggs on a bialy) eggs benedict for $14.95. Our meal came with four complimentary beignets .. a kind of donut made in the original recipe from 1862 as perfected in the New Orleans French market. They were awesome. Light with plenty of doughy-sweetness and not the same guilt as a donut from Dunkin. A must have – which you will have – because they’re free. On this particular Sunday the fancy coffee machines were broken, so we were stuck with a good old cup of joe.  It had a nice flavor but marred somewhat by the lack of Splenda on the table. In fairness, I didn’t ask for it either.

Autumn’s two crepes were a fair portion for the price, with a just-enough portion of fresh whipped creme for her to spoon indulgently over each crepe.  A small taste offered to me confirmed the marriage of strawberry and blueberry would not end in divorce. On the other side of the table, my chesapeake eggs benedict was a work of art. With a generous serving of lump crab smothered by a poached egg, hollandaise sauce, and two asparagus spears per bialy half, I almost didn’t realize the eggs weren’t really poached at all. Sure, they were nearly fully hard boiled but did I care? Nah. There was a ton of fresh crab and it was delicious. The mini hash browns on the side of my dish were a big hit with the both of us. Each came with a fruit ‘kicker’, which basically added an ounce of healthfulness to whatever unhealthy thing you’re eating. It’s a nice touch. Overall, it was a fairly unexpected breakfast and we’re each looking forward to visiting again to try other things. We suggest you do the same.

Guru’s Score: 4.2 Chews
Autumn’s Score: 4.7 Chews
Combined Score: 4.45 Chews ★★★★½
Subjective rating: Choomendous.

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