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Win a $25 Gift Card from Chewru!

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It’s been a fun couple months of Chewru. We’ve grown from a small local blog to a larger regional site with reviews for Arizona, California, Colorado, Washington DC, Maine, and Oregon restaurants to compliment our large selection of opinions on South Jersey and Pennsylvania restaurants. When we started, we had a single writer (yours truly), and now we’ve got great content from Pop-Pop, La Critique, Anna, and even Autumn when she’s not swamped with work. We’ve now got 81 reviews, 112 unique votes, 41 comments, and over 2,300 unique visitors since October 2007. Wow!

We know that there are other larger review sites out there you could be visiting, but appreciate your support as we try to build Chewru into a truly diverse community representing different tastes, ethnicities, and income levels. To encourage more of you to share your thoughts with us, we’re pleased to announce our first-ever giveaway. From now until June 30th, every time you vote, comment, or submit a review, you will be entered into a drawing to win a $25 Gift Card to a restaurant of your choice (or $25 cash via paypal if we can’t get it!). The more you enter, the better chances you have of winning.


– You must be registered and logged in to participate (otherwise, we just see IP addresses!)
– ‘Chewru’ admins (sorry Autumn!) are ineligible to participate
– Submitting a review that is accepted and published earns 10 entries (Max: 5 Reviews)
– Submitting a comment that is accepted and published earns 2 entries (Max: 10 Comments)
– Voting for a restaurant earns 1 entry (Max: 10 Votes)
– Therefore, each member can earn a maximum of 80 entries.

Fine Print:

The purpose of the giveaway is promote content and participation – therefore, do not abuse the giveaway by spamming us with votes. Votes determined to be cast, solely in the judgement of Chewru.Com, to be made without sincerity of reflection of interest, will be disqualified. We can base this on the frequency of time between voting or any other criteria we like. Reviewers cannot vote on their own reviews – they’ve already voted with their score! There are more than enough reviews on the site to cast sincere votes, and you have until June 30th to do so. Therefore, take your time and just cast honest votes, and you’ll get credit for up to 10 of them for 10 entries. The same thing goes with comments; if you can contribute to the discussion, or help begin the discussion, do so with an honest comment. There are no length requirements but, again, if it appears you are just commenting filler material just to earn votes, you will be disqualified. You can be creditted a maximum of 20 entries for just 10 comments. Since reviews take more of your time and energy, you can earn up to 50 entries. See our submit a review guidelines for the best way to go about it.

Winner will be announced after July 4, 2008. Winner will be determined by an electronic or paper drawing and notified via EMAIL (so make sure you’re using valid addresses!).

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