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Wendy’s – Voorhees, NJ

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It’s not fast food, it’s Wendy’s!

Wendy’s – Voorhees, NJ
Meal: Lunch / 1pm
Price: $6+ (For One – No Tip Necessary)
Website: Wendy’s Website

After that In ‘N Out Burger in Vegas, it’s time to get back to the grind of everyday fast food. I’ve always thought Wendy’s was a premium to McDonald’s and BK, but that’s why we make the reviews, isn’t it. Since no doubt you’ve seen or been to a Wendy’s at some point in your life, we’ll skip to the meat of the content. Yes, that’s a burger pun.

The Wendy’s was still pretty busy after 1pm, which was a bit of a surprise. After deciding on a relatively artery-friendly grilled chicken sandwich (lettuce and tomato) combo, I had everything in front of me in about a minute with a $6 tab. The small combo came with a kid-sized fries and a 12oz drink. I thought the combo was overpriced, but Wendy’s was by far the closest option in my situation. Compared to my recollection of my McDonald’s review, the dining/ordering area was much cleaner and well organized. The service was fairly polite, and I couldn’t decide whether I was impressed or irritated when the server initially ignored my ‘small’ combo request and asked if I wanted a medium or large. Tough times for them too, I guess.

Opening the loosely wrapped chicken sandwich, my first impression was that of disappointment. The chicken was fairly small and looked slapped together with the lettuce and tomato almost falling out of the bun. I asked for a little mayo for some flavor, and was obliged (they don’t have that as part of the condiment section). The fries were really average. I was initially given the wrong soda; I asked for a diet coke and got a sprite. Overall, despite what the commercials say, let’s be real: it’s fast food after all.

The sandwich was just okay. It’s not on par with the grilled chicken sandwich you’d get at a casual eatery like Applebee’s or Friday’s, and certainly lags behind a Chick-fil-A and perhaps even the ‘premium’ McDonald’s varieties (I haven’t tried them yet). If it were either a little bigger or a little cheaper for the combo (for some reason I expected it to be sub-$5), it would be worth it. Not reviewed today but well established, their frosty is a superior product to other fast food milkshakes and would have added some value to substitute in place of the soda (I think it tacks on like $.50). They were the first to really get outside of french fry-only sides, and that deserves some recognition. Still, when it comes down to it — one of the more complex offerings plus a large soda and fries is going to start running you in the $8 range. If you want a burger, you can’t go wrong with the the $.99 double stack, but keep in mind you’re getting just over 3 ounces of meat (roughly the weight of a can of tuna fish), and something tells me you’re not getting top shelf center-cut stuff. =)

Wendy’s looks to have a good selection of salads to round out their bulge-growing menu, but it’s about as average a modern day fast food place as you’ll find.

Guru’s Score: 2.5 Chews


Subjective rating: A good choice if you have something specific against a fast food place closer to you.

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