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Vito’s Pizza – Cherry Hill, NJ

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Hard to beat-o.

Vito’s Pizza – Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
(856) 429-9244
561 Browning Rd
Meal: Lunch / Weekday / 2pm
Price: $18 (No tip)

Vito’s is another place I’ve probably driven past a thousand times and never stopped in. As opportunity would have it, Autumn and I were more or less stranded in the Woodcrest shopping complex for a little bit and decided fate was calling us to give Vito’s our money. It turned out to be a good thing; I left with a full stomach and plans to exponentially increase my visits to the Cherry Hill landmark (which isn’t difficult when you previously had 0 visits).

Located on the busy corner of Browning Rd and Haddonfield-Berlin Rd (561), it’s fairly impossible to miss Vito’s if you’ve ever been through the area. There’s a decent amount of parking, no over the top neon stuff, and a fairly open, clean interior. We stopped in mid-day during the week and there were about six or seven others in the restaurant. I’m not certain if it’s a staple, but the first thing I noticed was an gigantic shrimp, portabella mushroom, and roasted pepper pie that tipped the scale at nearly $6 a slice and probably weighed damn near a pound. All of the other specialty pies looked good, but expect to pay a bit for the meal-sized single slice. I was more in the mood for a sandwich, though, so I ordered a cheese steak hoagie and hoped it looked as good as the pizzas. Autumn went a similar route and tried the chicken sorrento, which included grilled chicken and roasted peppers under a blanket of mozzarella. I don’t remember seeing any fountain drinks, so we went for some FUSE from a loaded fridge near the door .. low carb, of course.

The sandwiches didn’t take too long to come up, but the cook/owner(?) just shouted that they were ready and didnt bother to walk the 20 steps to the table to bring them to us – lame. They didn’t come with a bag of chips or anything, which would have been appreciated for almost $20. Still, one look at the hulking sandwiches made me forgive the laziness. The cheese steak, in particular, was huge, with a surprise addition of sweet peppers adding to a terrific flavor. The sorrento looked a bit flat in comparison, but was large enough that Autumn wasn’t able to finish more than half. The breads were fresh and both the chicken and beef were juicy and delicious. The veggies on the hoagie seemed crisp and there wasn’t an ocean of fat/grease dripping off of either sandwich. Autumn thought the sandwiches were better than even my favorite Dominic’s, and she might have a good argument.

It’s hard not to enjoy a place like Vito’s, a restaurant that that survived for more than 20 years and still serves up a very good lunch. Prices are probably on the ‘premium’ side of the pizza/sub business (and keeping in mind that only means a buck or two more), but from my experience on the first visit I’d have no issue going back. I didn’t get much of a friendly vibe from the guy behind the counter, but perhaps after all these years he’s lost a touch in that department. That’s a shame, because otherwise Vito’s is still hitting on all cylinders.


– Great sandwiches
– Great looking pies
– Clean interior
– Ample parking


– No warm fuzzies from the cook/owner

Guru’s and Autumn’s Score: 4.0 Chews
Subjective rating: Excellent.

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