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Tony’s Pizza & Pasta – Plymouth Meeting, PA

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Tony’s Pizza & Pasta – Plymouth Meeting, PA
1009 Germantown Pike
Price: $41 (Delivered – 4 people)
Meal: Lunch / Weekday / 12pm

The problem with most rapid-fire pizza places is that they usually aren’t high on the quality scale. Tony’s, with a full color tri-fold menu, certainly has no problem putting some¬†quality into its marketing. Can they keep the high marks going for a standard lunch delivery?

We called Tony’s on a Monday afternoon with a fairly basic lunch order: cheesesteak hoagie, turkey hoagie, italian hoagie, tuna wrap, and 2 sides of cheese fries to keep the calorie count consistent. We opted for delivery (and the $3 fee that comes with it), and were told it would be about a half hour. Prices were generally mid-high, with the cheaper deli subs coming in at $6.25 and the cheesesteak hoagie tipping the scales at $6.75. The menu is similar to most other sub shops, with a smattering of hoagies, wraps, steak sandwiches, and, of course, pizza.

In about 40 minutes, the delivery person showed up with the goods in tow. We didnt hold them to the half hour promise, but if you’re tight on time it’s something to consider. He was polite enough and able to make change with the cash I had on hand. So far, so good. Order accuracy wasn’t quite on spot, though. The cheese for one of the cheese fries (which we were billed for), was missing from the order.

The food itself was good, not great. The hoagies were wrapped firmly enough in foil-sided deli wrap and were labeled well enough for us to figure out which was which. The cheesesteak’s bread seemed day-old and the french fries were thrown into a plastic bag and were on the soggy side. The wrap had slightly better scores, but still only garnered an indifferent review from its owner. Instead of higher-quality mozerrella sprawled across fries in an aluminum tray (our preferred method), the cheese was velvetta-style in a tiny plastic side dish for dipping. It had very low ‘production quality’, and didn’t appear Tony’s gave a lick about how the food would look to us. No one had any complaints after consuming any of the items, but clearly no one was reveling in the satisfaction that could have been a great lunch.

Barring another last minute necessity to order out, I’d probably skip Tony’s in search of another sub shop that put a little more effort into obtaining my dollar. We’ve seen some other places like Frank’s in Deptford that put some real presentation value into take out, and as a consumer I appreciate that. Tony’s menu boasts, “You’ve tried the rest.. now eat the best”, but apparently doesn’t seem to mind that they are promoting another restaurant. Clearly, Tony’s is much closer to ‘the rest’ than anywhere near ‘the best’. We score it as such.

Guru’s Score: 2.5 Chews


Subjective rating: Average.

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