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Tokyo Mandarin Chinese – Glassboro, NJ

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We can’t imagine it being any better in Tokyo.

Tokyo Mandarin Chinese
Glassboro, NJ
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Price: $36 (For Two – Includes Tip)
Meal: Dinner / Weekend / 745p
Special Note: BYOB

Our first official Chinese review is here and we’re probably going to have to quadruple our server bandwidth to handle the traffic. Yes, hit the refresh button and come back in twenty minutes. When you talk about Chinese food, people sure listen.

Tokyo Mandarin is located on a fairly busy, but accessible, vein of South Jersey. The exterior is pleasant, although the parking was a little cramped on the Friday night we visited. The restaurant is BYOB, so we picked up a couple of hard ice teas (which, by the way, were neat to mix into the hot tea they served) and headed in. We didn’t wait for a seat, and within 30 seconds we were greeted and given menus. Tokyo Mandarin offers a full bevy of Chinese and Japanese food, so it’s perfect if there’s a non-sushi fan amongst you that just wants to have some great Chinese. Both of us knew what we wanted from past visits, so we ordered right there. In short fashion, we were given fried noodles and duck sauce which we devoured pretty quickly.

The interior has a real nice atmosphere. There’s a sushi bar, about a half dozen larger tables, a few ‘for two’ tables, and three large Japanese-style booths. For the most part, the dining room was accounted for. Our table, the couples variety, had plenty of room and wasn’t uncomfortably close to other patrons. For a large group, there’s a table in the rear that probably seats eight or so – and is recessed to offer a little more privacy. Everything seemed pretty clean, our waiter was friendly, and we were impressed even prior to receiving our meals.

I tried some sushi; a dynamite roll (tempura scallops, spinach, and a host of other stuffs) and a spicy lobster roll (no explanation necessary) seemed like a good way to go. Autumn had chicken and broccoli (along with her chicken fingers the other day she’s sure going all out for these reviews, huh?) with brown rice. After a reasonable 10 minute or so wait, the food was on the table. In the interim, our water was refilled and we certainly felt welcomed and appreciated.

The sushi was amazing, and I’m even craving some more as we speak. Both choices were fresh, prepared superbly, and worth every penny of the $20 or so I’d paid for the 12 pieces. As an unexpected bonus, they gave me two extra, a bit more decorative than the others, set aside on the plate (to be honest, I wasn’t 100% certain they were the same rolls, but they looked and tasted fantastic!). Accompanied with the typical wasabi paste (no joke – it’s hot), ginger, and as much soy sauce as you like, I’d recommend their sushi even if you haven’t been sold on it in the past.

The chicken and broccoli was damn good, too. I stole a little off of Autumn’s plate when she wasn’t looking, and enjoyed it thoroughly. The chicken was tender, with crunchy, large broccoli pieces in equal proportion. The brown sauce may have been a smidge on the heavier/saltier side for me, but when I asked Autumn how their take on chicken and broccoli compared against others, she said it was the best she’s had. Tokyo Mandarin gets points for offering brown rice, not something every Chinese place does. In my opinion, it has better flavor, better ‘weight’, and is slightly better for you (nutritionally) than white rice.

After the meal was finished, we were given fresh orange wedges (decorative and edible) and fortune cookies. Tokyo Mandarin used to give out steaming-hot face towels, too, but now they give you a lukewarm pre-packaged sanitary cloth that reminded me of your garden variety baby wipes. Our waiter actually noticed when we were leaving, and waved goodbye to us. Nice ‘warm and fuzzy’ close to a very good dinner. I got a chance to check out the bathroom before we left, and found it more than acceptable.


– Very good everything
– Attentive service
– Pleasant atmosphere
– Very reasonable pricing
– Relatively low noise


– Only moderate privacy via table spacing
– Doesnt seem suitable for super-romantic occasions (no candles or dim lights)

Our Score: 4.8 Chews
Subjective Rating: Nearly perfect. Bring a friend.

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Tokyo Mandarin Chinese - Glassboro, NJ, 4.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings


4 Responses to " Tokyo Mandarin Chinese – Glassboro, NJ "

  1. Mr Cool Beans says:

    You make this place sound so good I will have to try it out myself. Thanks for the tip

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  2. Dan says:

    Updated info on your review, great review btw, but a few things you might want to add:

    They still give out the hot towels, just sometimes the waiter/waitresses forget. Though I go every Wednesday for all you can eat Sushi (it’s all day long, some have the misconception that it’s only at night but that’s not true, it’s all day) and out of the 8 or so times i’ve gone i’ve gotten the hot towel 6 of those visits.

    I can’t say enough good things about this place. I’ve become a every Wednesday regular. The food is just that good, the wait staff is that pleasant, the atmosphere is that enjoyable. They even play soft Japanese music which I find to be quite soothing.

    You definately need to go here on a Wed. for the all you can eat sushi. As it is a AMAZING deal. It’s 22.99 per person, for their amazing tasting sushi. You can have people with you that don’t want all you can eat sushi, they will just give them the other menu. They not only offer all you can eat sushi under that price, but they also have salads and soups you can choose from. (All of it all you can eat)

    I’m adding this info because I noticed it wasn’t in your review. The all you can eat is the price listed above and they give you a special menu you order from. The menu has an assortment of 10-15 rolls to choose from, 10-15 choices of sashimi, about 2 or 3 salads are listed, and 2 soups. You can just keep picking what you want from those items until you feel like you’re gonna burst. I like to add up everything I get during all you can eat sushi day just to see how much I saved. It’s a fun little thing I do on the ride home, grab one of those take home menus and add up off the regular prices. I usually consume a good 45-60 bucks in sushi. So as you can see, like I said above, it’s an amazing deal.

    That’s all I can think of for now. The all you can eat sushi Wednesday is reason enough by itself to make this place a weekly family tradition. If you don’t like sushi this review listed all the other wonderful things about this place. So you got all that too.


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  3. Dan says:

    Small addition to the above post, hot towels are given out after a certain time of day, I think after lunch hours, meaning 3 or 4pm EST and on.

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  4. Jeff says:

    I’m sure you know, but this place is owned and operated by the Mandarin Group, which operates Mandarin Court in Sewell, Mandarin Oriental in Mullica Hill (same stripmall as Crescent Moon), and a few others.

    For what it’s worth, I prefer the Chinese food at Mandarin Court. The sushi is excellent too, for South Jersey.

    I’d like to see your thoughts on my favorite sushi spot, Hikaru on 2nd and South St in Philly.

    Also, know of any Japanese restaurants around here where you can get noodle soup, like ramen or soba? Or even a good donburi?

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