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The Victors Pub – Camden, NJ

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Starts off with a bang, ends with a whimper.

The Victor’s Pub
Camden, NJ
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Price: About $30 (for two, including tip)
Meal: Lunch
Time: Thursday, 12:30 PM
Menu: Victor’s Website

Camden, NJ doesn’t exactly have a positive connotation for most of South Jersey. I’ve worked there for several years, however, and have managed to find some good restaurants on our side of the Ben Franklin Bridge. The Victor’s Pub is located in the Victor Building at the corner of Market Street and Delaware Ave. Victor’s offers beautiful views of the waterfront and Philadelphia skyline (especially on sunny days, which, yes, happen in Camden, too) in an industrial-type atmosphere.

Victor’s has a sizable “racetrack” bar on one side of the restaurant with a various selection of domestic and imported beers and cocktails (including Victor’s signature take on a Long Island Ice Tea called the Long Nipper Sipper Tea – I’ve never had it myself, but I’ve heard from coworkers that it’s good. As a fun fact, Nipper is the RCA logo dog and the Victor Building used to be part of the massive RCA complex that once inhabited this section of the Camden waterfront. Now you credit Chewru with this interesting local history lesson – tell your friends!).

The other side of the restaurant is all wooden tables and chairs. There are plenty of large plasma televisions around the restaurant set to various stations which can be good if you’re interested in a game or bad if you’re trying to keep your boyfriend’s attention (ahem, Guru). I’ve never been for dinner, but the dining area can get crowded at lunchtime (especially in the summer since it’s close to the aquarium, Campbell’s field, and the Rugters Camden campus).

Guru ordered the traditional turkey club on this particular visit (we’ve been a few times before, but not for reviewing purposes). He gets it on wheat toast and is always pleased with the portion size. The turkey is roasted turkey breast and not the typical lunch meat variety. I ordered the Victor club also on wheat toast and was not quite as pleased. Although the portion size was the same as Guru’s, my club included a LOT of bacon. Since bacon is the only “meat” ingredient in the club, I was glad I didn’t get shortchanged, but there was still so much stuffed in that I had to pick some bacon out before I could fit it in my mouth. Otherwise, the sandwich was very good. Guru and I also split a bowl of their Victor potato soup. The soup was topped with a few bacon bits and some chives. It was very rich and creamy, although we wished it was served slightly hotter. Both clubs came with a bag of quality kettle-cooked potato chips (topped with sea salt), pickles, and cole slaw. The fries at Victor’s have been good in the past, but they have to be ordered as an extra and are not included with most meals. Guru thought their cole slaw was a bit on the spicy side and prefers the finely-chopped, neutral KFC-style variety.

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Our waitress was friendly enough and took our order promptly. Our food was served lightening fast. Guru and I have noticed a pattern to the service at Victor’s: orders are taken and food is served quickly, but, after that, it’s a crapshoot. In most of our experiences, no one asks how the food is once you’ve received it and you have to hassle your server to get the bill or a water refill. We’ve had to wait very long times to get our bill settled which may be okay during a relaxed dinner, but is not acceptable during a lunch hour.

Overall, Victor’s is a restaurant with good, albeit slightly overpriced, food, but still has room for improvement in service. With the convenience of the location and nice interior atmosphere, I wish it were more reasonably priced. The lunch specials are usually very good deals, but not always what you’re in the mood for. I’ve had some food in the past I wasn’t crazy about (most notably a very dry steak sandwich). Despite the drawbacks, Victor’s Pub has enough appeal to keep me coming back for lunch every couple of weeks.

– Unique atmosphere
– Good food
– Large portions
– Get served your food very fast

– A little pricey for daily lunches
– Service gets shaky after you get your food (hard to get drink refills, no checks to make sure food is okay, etc.)

Guru’s Score: 3.4
Autumn’s Score: 3.6
Average Score: 3.5 Chews
Subjective Review: Good for an occasional lunch splurge!

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4 Responses to " The Victors Pub – Camden, NJ "

  1. Victoria Horrocks says:

    Made dinner reservations for four, as suggested by the manager on the phone, for July 5 to watch the Penn’s Landing Fireworks. Service was bad – no drink refills, waitress very unattentive. Food was bad – calimari dry and tasteless, steamed clams served with no lemon or butter (just clams in a bowl, that’s it), shrimp rubbery, fries cold. They were out of the two selections I wanted to order, so I settled for some pasta thing. They only offered spaghetti or linguini, and pasta portion was tiny. Asked for lemon (for calimari) – never got it. Then, when the fireworks started, some boneheads stood outside right in front of the window so the (paying!) customers couldn’t see at all. We asked them twice to move, asked the waitress and one of the male workers to ask them to move, but nobody did anything. We won’t be back.

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  2. Chewru Guru says:

    Yikes. Sounds like an awful experience. We’ve had the problem getting drink refills too, but have never been there for dinner. They do need to seriously retrain their waitresses to ‘check in’ at least once after the food has been served. Still, we’ve never had a ‘bad’ batch of food there. Out of the five or six times we’ve been there, we’ve never experienced anything that sounds like what you described. Did you ask for a manager? Perhaps they’d give you some incentive to give them another chance. Only the worst of management would give you a cold shoulder after listening to your very legitimate complaints. Thanks for the comments!

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  3. Prettybrowneyes says:

    I attended with my bookclub on 9/26/08. There were 7 of us. One of the members has been there several times before, for the rest of us it was our first time. We arrived for an early dinner around 4:45pm and left around 8pm.

    Since it was an Eagles gameday and the bar area and surrounding tables (all for 4) were slightly crowded, we asked to be seated in the back of the restaurant in the closed section. Our server was Dana and she quickly accommodated us. One of our members is an Eagles fan and asked to have the flat screen over our table turned on to the game. Again Dana complied.

    Dana quickly took our drink and appetizer orders. She consistently checked on us to see if we needed drink refills, etc. She asked if our food was acceptable. Our food was prepared as ordered and we were all happy with our selections.

    Overall the food was good. It was all served at the appropriate temperature.

    We ordered 25 cent garlic wings which were just ok. They were not seasoned enough for us and the garlic remained on the tissue paper in the bottom of the basket when we were finished eating them. The BBQ wings were good. The sauce was sweet and slightly spicy.

    We also ordered calamari which was cooked perfectly to a golden brown and was slightly crunchy. Our final appetizer was the crab and artichoke dip served in a bread bowl. Everyone raved about it, and there was nothing left when we were finished.

    For dinner we ordered sandwiches ranging from burgers, the Greek Panini, and cheesesteaks. We were all satisfied with our sandwiches and we all took half of them home. They also serve sweet potato fries which were good. The paninis are served with deli chips which were just ok.

    The drinks were good as well. We ordered Franklin Punch, Sippey Iced Tea and Mango Mojito’s. The Mango taste was absent, but it was still good overall.

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  4. Took another trip to The Adventure Aquarium in Camden
    This time with both kids. Last time I only took the girl. Today, we had a wonderful time.

    Also, we ate at Victor’s Pub, just across the parking lot from the Aquarium. The last time we were there the service was so friendly and food so good we just had to go back. Needless to say I might just go back just for lunch. Well, not really, 90 miles is a long drive for lunch. But, I would recommend it be included it in any trip to the Camden.

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