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The Crepe & Ribbon – Haddonfield, NJ

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The Crepe & Ribbon
116 Kings Highway East-The Shops at 116
Haddonfield, N.J. 08096
Phone: 856-428-3111 / Fax: 856-428-3119
Hours: Sunday 9AM-5PM / Monday: 7AM-5PM / Tuesday-Saturday 7AM-9PM
Website: Crepe and Ribbon

A cloudy Sunday offered an opportunity for brunch in Haddonfield, which has a lot of competition from near neighbor Collingswood. Today’s choice was The Crepe & Ribbon, a fitting prelude to your reviewer’s trip to France later in the week. Now you will have to be aware that this establishment itself does not front on busy and historic Kings Highway East. Rather it is ensconced in The Shops at 106 a multi-group of retail firms including cruise-travel agency, hair stylist, jewelers and another restaurant that does have a Kings Highway entrance. If you choose to drive there is parking in the rear, but the PATCO high speed line is a short walk away for those who like “green” travel.

The Crepe & Ribbon is at the furthest end from Kings Highway. Once inside you will quickly take notice of the French street scene murals that set the tone for the main eating area. While not a large establishment it somehow is cozy and comfortable in a continental way. There is wait staff service for the main area, or you can head to the adjoining section if you want to take out. In the take out area are a number of sweet treats for your consideration including Jewish Apple Cake at $3.25 per slice and Double Chocolate, Iced Lemon and Banana Walnut pound cake at $1.85 per slice.

Your reviewer chose to have Sweet Crepes and my companion the Savory Crepes. You will find about 10 selections in the “ sweet” category including Butter, Sugar & Cinnamon at $4.99 per crepe, Strawberries & Whipped Cream at $5.75, Nutella ( Chocolate Hazelnut Spread & Whipped Cream also at $5.75 and my favorite Jamin’ ( choice of raspberry, apricot or peach jam with sour cream & powdered sugar also $5.75. My companion also had 10 items to pick among the “savory” side of the menu. These included an Asparagus & Portobello Mushroom sautéed with butter, garlic and Swiss Cheese for $7.50, Ham, Swiss & Egg for $9.25 and Chicken Monterey with grilled chicken, red onion, jack cheese, tomato & Ranch Dressing for $7.25. Wait staff are very friendly and while we had our coffee being served we had a nice chat with our server about our upcoming trip.

My house decaf coffee was $1.95 and fairly “robust”, while my companion’s Hazelnut Latte’ was priced at $3.35. I will point out that a single crepe is good sized made with a genuine French crepe machine and will satisfy. Your review decided to have two Jamin’ crepes, one with apricot and the other raspberry. Our selections arrived in a reasonable time and were warm, comforting and very tasty. The jams were of higher than “generic store brand” and the ham and Swiss filling in the savory crepe was of a good caliber. My companion also chose to have a house regular coffee after the Latte’ was finished. This was our second visit to The Crepe and Ribbon and we will return again when in town. I would encourage all of you in Chewru land to run and not walk to get to this place! A perfect combination of good eating and nice, responsive and friendly service. That merits a 3.5 Chewru rating. Bon Appetite!

Pop Pop’s Score: 3.5 Chews
Subjective rating: Crepetastic.

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The Crepe & Ribbon - Haddonfield, NJ, 4.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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  1. Chewru Guru says:

    Good to see you back Pop Pop – you’ve been MIA for months! Autumn and I used to hit this place up pretty often last year, but I’ve got it in my head that it’s too pricey for my stomach and my finances at the moment. Still good stuff, we used to rotate between this and the defunct Fifth Corner Cafe which arguably had the better crepes.

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