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The Corner Cafe – Medford, NJ

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Corner Cafe (Dutch Market) – Medford, NJ
109 Route 70
Phone: 609-714-9099
Friday 7AM-8PM / Saturday 7AM-4PM
Meal: breakfast for two including tip $19

There’s good news and bad news about your reviewers recent experience at the Corner Café. First the good news -it is conveniently located in the always inviting Dutch Market and it has about a half dozen tables. Gingham curtains and modernized adaptations of “old timey advertising signs” adorn the walls. The service staff is friendly and attentive; you could easily be convinced you are in a friend’s kitchen. Since breakfast and lunch are served you will certainly find something from the menu that is appropriate to the day with prices that reflect its “country” demeanor. Coffee, hot tea, fountain soda, homemade unsweetened ice tea, lemonade or bottled water can all be had for $1.50.Hot chocolate, milk/chocolate milk or juice are common priced at $1.25. Breakfast offers a sufficient variety and is happily served all day. Oatmeal is available for $2, a breakfast sandwich with meat and potatoes is $4.25, French Toast for $4.25 and Cream Chipped Beef at $5.45. A few other combinations of eggs and pancakes also may tempt you. If you enjoy farm fresh eggs then you might opt for the two eggs served with potatoes and toast for $4.25; add meat and the tab rises to $5.95. Should you feel the need for an Omelete you can choose among Cheese, Western, Veggie or Meat with price range of $5.45 for the Cheese to $5.95 for the other three.

Pancakes come in a Mickey Mouse version at $1.95, Short Stack (3) for $3.95 and Tall Stack (5) for $5.45. Additions of fruit or chocolate chips will add $1.25. A number of a la carte sides can be had including breakfast meats of bacon, sausage, pork-roll, ham or scrapple for $2.50 or potatoes at $1.25. English muffins, bagels, fruit muffins and fresh fruit cups/bowls are also available. Your reviewer opted for a Western Omelet, no toast please but yes to the potatoes and a cup of decaf. My companion opted for a Bacon Omelet, potatoes, toast and a regular coffee. Perusing the lunch menu while we were waiting I found 19 different sandwiches on offer ranging from PB&J at $1.45 to a Ham & Cheese for $5.25 or Shrimp Salad at $6.95. In addition you could choose from 15 varities of “ baskets” such as Chicken Fingers for $6.95 or Breaded Crab Cake at $8.95. All of the baskets are served with French Fries, Coleslaw and garnished with a Pickle.

In a very reasonable time our breakfasts were on the table, looked and tasted good. My companions toast looked good, so I begged for a slice as is my want. Given the green light I of course selected a nicely browned one suitably “crowning” it with Orange Marmalade. Be careful what you ask for, and here is where the bad news comes in. With just one bite of the toast I knew that I had overachieved and managed to break a “crown”. This of course was through no fault of the establishment and I was lucky that I didn’t swallow the crown itself. Additionally although sufficiently embarrassed, there was no pain associated with the episode. My crown and I will be visiting the doctor and alas I shall now be begging for the dentists cement. So for the temporary balm, a visit to the cases in the Dutch Market resulted in the acquiring of numerous meats, salads, bread and yes a few delicious donuts. Make the trip and enjoy, being careful to eat any toast carefully and slowly.

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Subjective rating: Just beats the tag.

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