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Stratford Diner – Stratford, NJ

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Great place for a good bite.

Stratford Diner – Stratford, NJ 08084
19 S White Horse Pike
Meal: Dinner / Weekend / 7pm / For 10
Price: $100 (Excludes Tip)

A friend of mine from Texas was in town, so we decided to round up the old ‘crew’ and get together for dinner somewhere. Due to the geography of where everyone lived, we decided on the Stratford Diner as the most central location. I’ve never been there before, so I was eager to check out how they handled a large group of hungry 20 and 30-somethings. For the most part, they did very well.

The white horse pike can be really crowded, so if you’re going to check out the diner, you might need a couple extra minutes to navigate traffic. The outside of the building is pretty sharp, with modern, but not over the top accents. It’s open 24 hours for your dining pleasure, and the menu is extensive with a very wide selection of typical items. For starters, a few of us tried the mozzarella stick appetizer, which included 5 medium-ish sticks with a side of marina sauce. They were okay, frozen-to-fried sticks that merely satisfied, but did not indulge, a need for gooey mozzarella. We ordered a slew of items including omelets, burgers, clubs, and sandwiches, so we got a terrific feel of the overall quality.

My cheeseburger club, made to order a medium rare, was a large portion and quite satisfying. It came with a side of those crispiness-added fries which I’m not crazy about but certainly hit that carbohydrate spot I was looking for. A friend who tried the turkey club also had great comments. Autumn had her french dip, served on a large torpedo roll with a side of au jus, which she really enjoyed. Pooling the table, no one had anything bad to say about the food whatsoever, which was surprising given the large group we amassed.

Service was excellent. Our waitress was very attentive to us and was fairly busy running back and forth refilling drinks and bringing little extras as requested. Everyone seemed really impressed by her politeness and she ended up receiving a fairly large tip. On this impression alone, we’d return. At $7 per club and about that much for an omelet, prices are reasonable and in line with what you’d find elsewhere. We averaged about $10 a person for the group (pre-tip), which included a bunch of appetizers. The place seemed pretty clean, and I thought the interior designer did a good job of balancing roominess while still maximizing tables for the benefit of the diner. Sometimes when you go in large groups you feel super crammed, but for the most part I felt that I had just as much real estate as the next person.

Overall, we’ll definitely return to this diner if we’re back in the area. Unlike my visit to the South Street Diner, which was riddled with little customer service issues and inconsistencies, Stratford Diner seemed much more interested in making my experience a pleasant one.


– Group-friendly
– Good sandwiches
– Pleasant service


– Nothing obvious

Guru’s Score: 4.25 Chews
Subjective rating: Go somewhere else.

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Stratford Diner - Stratford, NJ, 4.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

4 Responses to " Stratford Diner – Stratford, NJ "

  1. Necee says:

    I live near by and me and my family purchased desserts from there often. I would like to say there dessert is disgusting. I have never had dessert that has tasted so bad.The death by chocolate..Nasty..Lemon meringue..Nasty…Wedding cake..Nasty suprising my husband says the cheesecake is good. The cakes are dry and taste like they are not fresh. The chicken ceaser salad is not flavorful how you mess that up I am not sure. I give that diner a 1.5 out of 5

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  2. Chewru Guru says:

    Thanks for sharing your opinion, Necee. Make sure to give the restaurant a vote. If you’re not sure how, check out . If I don’t already know the quality/freshness of cakes, I make it a point not to buy any of them unless they have no slices out of them. 99% of the time they’re dirt-dry. =)

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  3. Velma says:

    I think you are full of it

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  4. Joanie says:

    I used to work here and I completely agree.. the desserts are horrible. It’s crazy because they look absolutely delicious, but they are extremely dry and nasty. I must admit thou, the cheesecakes are very good. They are the only dessert that is. I do know that the desserts are made fresh (how they are so dry, I have no idea), but they keep backups of all the cakes in the display case in the front, so if it takes a few weeks for a cake to be eaten, then the backups are then going to be weeks old. So that is probably the reason why they taste that way. I had a slice of the italian rum cake for my birthday and it tasted like I took a straight shot of dry rum. It was HORRIBLE. And my boss wouldn’t even let me have the slice of cake for free on my birthday, even though they give away free cake to the customers for their birthday.. how rude?? The cooks are very dirty and unsanitary. One of the cooks spits on the floor constantly behind the food line while he’s preparing food. Another smells like body odor SO bad that every time he would come near me I had to hold my breath. Another touches raw meat and then prepares a sandwich with his bare hands without washing them. They cook all the food on the same grill and don’t clean it until the end of the day. I’ve seen them wipe off excess creamed chipped beef from the side of someone’s plate with their finger and then stick their finger in their mouth to eat the excess food. I’ve seen them drop bread, bacon, etc. on the floor where the one cooks spits, and pick it up to put it back on the plate. They are very nasty and I would never eat something that the cook has to prepare for me from this diner.

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