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Steaks on South – Philadelphia, PA

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Steaks On South
308 South Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19147
Phone: 215-922-7880
Fax: 215-922-7882
Menu: Steaks on South Website
Meal: Lunch for two: $12.32

The weather in Philadelphia has been steamy of late, not exactly encouraging walking and exploring. When the “spell” broke however it seemed like a good opportunity to combine a bit of exercise and enjoying the balmy day by heading over to South Street. Last time your reviewer was in the neighborhood South Street was undergoing sidewalk renovations. Well, that’s still continuing and work crews were to be found at a number of spots today. The north side of the street is now being worked on, and there are wooden construction “forms” along its length awaiting their rendezvous with concrete. So the easy choice seemed to use the south side of South Street.

A quick paced walk brought us to Steaks On South, lured in by an outside sign advertising some specially priced combinations. The exterior also appealed as it had a both a prominent location as well as large windows bracketed by shiny metal. Not being a metallurgist I would guess aluminum, but it could just as likely be stainless steel. Inside the atmosphere is a bit 1950’s diner retro with a few booths and a sit down counter hard by the working grill. A nice high tin type ceiling complemented the exposed brick walls, always a winning combination. But the real combination turned out to be the popularly priced deals for burgers and hot dogs.

We were warmly greeted by one of the staff as we entered. And it was warm due to the fact that the air conditioning was not exactly “conditioning” if you will. It was probably even more pronounced at the grill. Time to vote, so your reviewer went with a cooked to order 8 ounce cheeseburger served with fries and a small soft drink. My companion opted for the hot dog deal consisting of two dogs, fries and a small soft drink.

Our booth was ample enough for two and gave us an opportunity to peer at the menu up on the wall. Steak sandwiches were about a half dozen on offer, including plain, pizza and SOS Char Grilled Rib Eye. Chicken Steaks were about seven on offer ranging from a Chicken Cheesesteak Hoagie to a Buffalo Chicken Steak sandwich. There were also about eight specialty sandwiches that included Patrick’s Favorite Top Round Roast Beef, a Grilled Sausage Parm and Merrick’s Famous Garlic Studded Roast Pork. Unless you went for some the side dishes, it would be possible to enjoy a sandwich and soft drink for under $10 a person, apart from the even better priced combinations.

We never made it to the upstairs part of SOS, where the panoramic windows take you above the din. About 50 people can be accommodated there. It would be a good venue for an office group, or other celebratory gang. There was a steady stream of folks coming and going, many seemed like they were from a beautician school or the like. When we had given our order there were only a few other individuals there, and our expectation was that we wouldn’t have long to wait. Well, that went pretty much the same direction as our expectation of cool air. An inquiry to the “grill master” about the status of our order revealed that it was the large, made to order, burger that was responsible for the time. So we enjoyed looked at the Coke inspired napkin holder, salt & pepper shaker on our table and talking about “work”. The order was served, and your reviewer noted that indeed this was a somewhat larger burger than the “ordinary”, it was not the anorexic patty that passes for sustenance in other places. It was nice and hot, with only pickles and cheese as ordered, and yes it was well done. The fries were adequate, and not greasy but also not the stuff of legends. My companion was pleased with the twin dogs and had no complaints. This being our first visit the rating would be 2.5 Chews. On the plus side the staff was friendly and the food was good. The other side was well it was warm, and the wait seemed longer than usual especially considering the light crowd at the time of order. Nonetheless a return visit would be in order, perhaps to try the homemade Meatball Sandwich-that could be the stuff of legends. Enjoy!

Pop Pop’s Score: 2.5 Chews


Subjective rating: Average

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Steaks on South

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  1. Chewru Guru says:

    Two of you went and neither tried the cheesesteaks? You won’t find me getting hotdogs on south street! Ha. Thanks for the review. Hopefully we’ll get some feedback from others on whether the steaks are worth the trip. =)

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