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Starview Diner – Somerdale, NJ

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9 South White Horse Pike
Somerdale, New Jersey 08083
Phone: 856-784-4224

Meal: Breakfast for Two: $19.20

What a difference a week makes with the weather. With nagging fears that our nascent spring may be wet, it was a bit of an effort to go out on such a day.  A pre-visit to a local church that was hosting a craft show proved very satisfactory and set the mood for a warm and hearty breakfast. Less than a ten minute ride away found me and my travel companion on busy NJ Route 30 also known as the White Horse Pike in Stratford.  At was once a local icon known as the Stratford Diner, there is now the Starview Diner. Not having ever visited it under its prior name left me open to form a totally impartial opinion. The exterior certainly changed from the typical New Jersey “silver” style diner that we can all relate to. There is an adequate sized parking lot, a handicap accessible ramp and for good weather an outdoor patio. The exterior is a move towards the “up market” and that was reinforced when we entered what I suspect is the “new wing”. The “new wing” is apart from the original section, which itself is still pleasant with counter seating and two rows of small booth seating. Two glass display cases tempt with a nice selection of pastries, Danish, cakes and pies. Our seating in the “new wing” revealed wood paneled walls, coffered ceilings and booth and table seating. At the back was a sit down bar. Since it was but mid-morning the bar did not have any patrons.

Menus came quickly courtesy of the hostess, but our server had made her presence known. Both the main portion as well as the “new wing” seemed to be busy. However your reviewer felt that the wait until our server showed up was longer than desirable. The breakfast menu offered a nice selection of egg dishes, cereals, griddle items and lighter fare. I glanced over and saw quite a few folks who were availing themselves of combination platters including eggs and pancakes with a variety of breakfast meats. The younger children in the group, as would be expected, seemed to have rather large orders of pancakes. After talking over our selection choices we had to wait again for the server to return and take our order. For myself I opted for a Western Omelet with breakfast potatoes, toast and a decaf. I requested a little serving of milk for the coffee in lieu of the half and half mini-containers. My companion was in the mood for comfort food and chose two eggs over easy, potatoes, sausage and biscuits with sausage country gravy, pineapple juice and a regular coffee.

The interval between our order and the arrival of the coffee likewise seemed “casual” at best; the exposure to the wind and cold rain called for coffee soon as possible. In due course the coffees arrived and my milk was there but in a glass. Many establishments thoughtfully will put the milk in a little pitcher so as to make it easier to pour. Not here, and while a small point it does make a mess in trying to get it into the coffee cup and not on you placemat. I got it on the placemat! The coffee was consumed well before the meals arrived, and there was the promise of returning with a refill and the pineapple juice that my companion ordered. With regard to my meal, the three egg omelet was properly cooked, and warm enough. The breakfast potatoes were “white as a ghost” without much in the way of “crust”…which your reviewer particularly likes. For a moment I thought that I would request more well done potatoes but then I questioned how quickly they would be forthcoming. My wheat toast was warm and freshly buttered; a selection of packaged jellies and preserves was on the table. I didn’t hear much in the way of complaints from my companion and the sausages were generous being four “link style”. So we tucked in, and I enjoyed the eggs but the potatoes were a real disappointment. While offered a sausage link, I negotiated half of a biscuit instead. With the most subtle glance I noticed that my companion’s potatoes were only marginally more well done. The coffee refill did eventually materialize with the juice and the waitress was most cordial in that delivery.

Summing this first experience at the Starview I would award it two and a half chews. Food preparation was good, except the potatoes, with generous portion size. Ambiance was good. The noise level was acceptable and not a problem. However the service was slower than I’d like to have. At the cash register I asked for a take out menu but was advised that they are not available in view of the fact that all menus are being redone. Whether that means different pricing or new selections was not disclosed. If in the area again I would try the Starview again. If you go, Enjoy!

Pop Pop’s Score: 2.5 Chews


Subjective rating: Average.

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Starview Diner - Somerdale, NJ, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

3 Responses to " Starview Diner – Somerdale, NJ "

  1. Dana says:

    The diner that used to be where the Starview is was Lupe’s Somerdale Diner! And it was delicious!

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  2. W. Aardsma says:

    I don’t recall it ever being the Stratford Diner. Stratford is further down the pike. Like Dana said, it was the Somerdale Diner for many years and then it was Loupe’s Somerdale Diner. It was on my circuit of favorite diners from, say, 1979 ’til I moved out of the area in 1985. Still drop by when I’m back in the area

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  3. James says:

    The Stratford Diner was never the Starview. Starview used to be Loupe’s Somerdale Diner, as Dana said :) It was my extended family’s restaurant, so I know this to be true. I also hear the Starview is excellent. I’d like to get back there and give it a try.

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