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Skeeter’s Pub – Blackwood, NJ

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Skeeter’s Pub – Blackwood, NJ
Meal:  Lunch
Time: 2pm / Weekend
Price: $18  (For 2)
Website: Skeeter’s Pub & Liquors

Originally Reviewed: 11/30/08
Last Updated: 03/14/10

After months of renovations, Skeeter’s in Blackwood has evolved into a serious contender for the local pub crowd. Affixed to the back of a small liquor store by the same name, Skeeter’s offers a solid alternative to heading into Philly or to the overly-pretentious Adelphia’s crowd. With a couple of friends in tow, it was time to put Skeeter’s through its paces.

Traveling to Skeeter’s shouldn’t be much of a task, although parking can be fairly cozy on weekends. With access right off of Route42, it’s a good, accesible spot to meet friends from throughout the South Jersey area. The bar itself may not be readily apparent; the liquor store front is what you’ll be looking for. On our most recent visit we were surprised to find the dining area with a decent number of patrons just after 2pm on Friday. Since Skeeter’s advertises itself as having the ‘best bar food’, we were happy to try something other than the chicken fingers.

The inside of the bar is mostly new and fairly comfortable. There are LCD TVs galore and 3 or 4 people at the bar in addition to a roaming waitress. We saw a pretty good mix of patrons.. a few older couples and plenty of younger groups. The bar staff is predominantly young and female (check their website for lots of pictures). The waitresses we encountered seemed genuinely polite, although on both our visits they seemed a little rushed which breeds mistakes. All of us felt we ‘fit right in’ to the atmosphere – that there was no noticeable predisposition to a certain demographic.

Knowing from our last visit that Skeeter’s isn’t the most generous with alcoholic potency, we stuck to the food this time around. Their menu is not unique by any measure other than the names; Autumn tried a ‘Sexy Pig’ (pulled pork on ciabatta) and I went with a South Street Cutlet (tenderloin cutlets, roasted peppers, broccoli rabe & aged sharp provolone on a fresh italian roll). Both were served only with chips. We asked for fries for one of the entrees which set us back another $1.95 on top of the $7 and $8 for the sandwiches, respectively. We waited only about 15 minutes for both to come up.

Unfortunately, haste makes waste, and the non-notepad-bearing waitress forgot the order of fries. Judging by her reaction, it was clear she just forgot to put them in the ticket, and it wasn’t the kitchen’s fault. She did do the proper thing and comp us the order (which was a generous basket), but they didnt arrive to the table until almost after we were finished. Still, we both really liked them and managed to clean out the basket anyway. As to the sandwiches, Autumn really liked her ‘Sexy Pig’. After having a bite, my only complaint was that there wasn’t enough sauce on it to cover the entire piece of ciabatta, which she quickly agreed. On those things, you usually have way too much sauce, so it was a surprise to see it come short.

My order confused me a little. By reading the description, I assumed I was getting grilled chicken cutlets topped with all that stuff, but they actually came out breaded. Wouldn’t it make more sense to throw the cheese, peppers, and broccoli rabe on a grilled cutlet for flavor? Eh .. it’s my bad since I didn’t ask, but all the same I was looking for something a smidge healthier. That said, it was still pretty good with a decent portion.

We’ll go back to Skeeter’s because it has a good location, atmosphere, outdoor seating in appropriate weather (although it’s adjacent to a gas station), and does indeed have good (although we’d not argue ‘the best’) bar food. We’re not fans of wait staff that forgo notepads to take an order, and management should just get them in the mode to write things down, even if they’re just going to run to the touchscreen to plug things in. Additionally, from our last review, we think the mixed drinks were way too weak and would stick to the beers.

11/30/08 Score: 2.5 Chews
Guru’s Score: 2.8 Chews


Subjective rating: Getting better.

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