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Saladworks – Deptford, NJ

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Deptford, NJ
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Price Paid: $18 (Two)
Meal: Dinner
Time: 7:15p
[This restaurant is under new management from our original review]

My girlfriend and I hit up Saladworks tonight for a healthy-ish dinner. I’ve gone there a few times, and besides the details on our visit tonight, the net score will include impressions from prior visits.

I ordered a bentley, my favorite salad with chopped eggs, turkey, ham, and a bunch of other stuff – kind of a toned-down chef’s salad. I asked for the dressing to be blended in. My girlfriend ordered a tomato and basil panini sandwich combo which included a small soup (we chose Vegetarian Vegetable) and a drink. As is the Saladworks tradition, you get to see them prepare your meal – which will likely make you question why you just paid all that money for ingredients that cost a fraction of the purchase price.

My salad was, as expected, very good. My salad-stylist went slightly light on the dressing which I actually prefer, so I had no complaints there. The wheat roll that comes with the salad was warm enough and tasted fresh. My girlfriend’s sandwich was slightly less consistent. She explained that the mozzarella on half of the panini was ice cold, which is surprising considering that the sandwich is supposed to be a bit of a melt. We both agreed the soup was acceptable, but nothing better than you can get in the grocery store.

As far as intangibles, we had a little issue with the cashier giving us incorrect information about the pricing of the combo meal my girlfriend ordered, but it was a net result of about $.50 and I wasn’t especially motivated to challenge it. The interior was fairly clean and cozy. They get points for broadcasting Sirius Satellite’s Big 80s station at a very reasonable volume. They don’t appear to offer table service for things you can’t immediately pick up at the counter, which is kind of bummer.


– Very good salads
– Fresh breads
– Clean and pleasant atmosphere


– Inconsistent sandwiches
– Expensive compared to a diner or a deli
– No table service for items that require more preparation

Score: 3.75 Chews

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2 Responses to " Saladworks – Deptford, NJ "

  1. […] better news, though, the Deptford Saladworks is again open for business after a lengthy tax issue forced it closed. There was a mild redesign, […]

  2. Yes says:

    I just wanted to say this place is opened again. They redid the inside a little bit, and the new staff is friendly. It’s a little expensive, but I feel like it’s worth it.

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