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REVIEW: Wawa Frozen Cappuccino

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It’s no secret that coffee-based beverages are super-high margin and have been popping up everywhere over the last two years. Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and Maui Wowi have had them for years, but recently McDonald’s (McCafe and Frappes) and now Wawa has entered the game. We tried Wawa’s new frozen mocha cappuccino to see how it stacked up against our favorites.

Thankfully, all of Wawa’s frozen drinks are more or less ‘freshly’ made (to the extent they are fresh – see below), so you’ll order them from the touch screen. The interesting thing about said touch screen, however, is that it treats the drink like a hoagie, showing each individual component of the drink. What goes into one of them? How about: 6oz dairy base, chocolate syrup, expresso packet, and c-start? Of course, the obvious question is, what in the world is c-start? We’re not sure either.

As far as the drink goes? It’s an excellent clone of a McDonald’s chocolate shake. You can taste the ice-cream-like thickness, smooth chocolate, and almost perfect consistency to sip through a straw. Unfortunately, since the drink is marketed as a FROZEN CAPPUCCINO, it is a total fail. While we could taste hints of a coffee flavor here and there, it’s too weak for a true coffee lover. On top of that, get prepared for almost 500 calories and 20 grams of fat in the 12 oz variety. For that damage, you could have a 6″ Wawa American hoagie with cheddar cheese, and still have 10 calories to spare. Wawa should have followed the lead of Starbucks and Dunkin to offer ‘light’ varieties for the calorie conscious. On top of that, the plastic cups and lids are not recyclable.

If you are purchasing anyway, the price won’t hurt too much. At just $1.99 for the 12oz variety and $2.99 for the 24oz (which by the way is 960 calories!), you’ll pay substantially less than equivalent sizes at competitors. Still, it’s a moot point for me as I’d rather pay the $4 at Starbucks to get a true coffee-based drink at half the calories.

Website: Wawa Frozen
Score: 1.5 Chews (out of 5.0)
Opinion: Nah’wa.

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