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Want to increase your restaurant’s visibility on Chewru.Com? It’s easy – and in some cases absolutely free. If you’re a local restaurant in our South Jersey homebase, we’ll be happy to deliver to you a certificate showing off your rating and score on the Chewru website at absolutely no cost. For others, it’s a small $50 charge. In both cases, we simply ask that you display the certificate prominently where your patrons will be motivated to come back to the site and vote and/or comment on your restaurant. The certificates come with a wall/desk mountable frame and is presented in standard 8.5 x 11″ full color. If you’d like to request/order a certificate, please use the contact page.


Benefits to Displaying Your Chewru Rating & Score

Visibility on Chewru is pretty straightforward. The four latest reviews have the front page content area, and the rest of the reviews fight for front-page exposure by their popularity.  It’s no coincidence that our top 3 popular restaurants (measured by their voting interest) all received Chewru.Com certificates. When patrons leave your restaurant, there’s a good chance they’ll come here to vote or leave a comment about their experience if they know that we exist. When they do participate, it creates constant exposure in the commenting and voting panels, which are placed on not only the front page, but every single page on Chewru. That means that restaurants who take advantage of our certificate program, in effect, have the potential to create long-lasting and positive exposure on a site that is growing in the double-digits each month. Remember, our web traffic exists because people are looking for information on places to eat. The more your restaurant is visible on the site, the more in-store traffic we can help you generate.

Tips to Maximize Your Certificate

  • Put the certificate within view of the cash register, with minimal obstruction. When you ask your typical “How was everything tonight?”, you can follow a positive response with, “We hope you’ll vote for us on Chewru”.
  • If you don’t use a single register, hang the certificate in a well-lit lobby or hallway.
  • Those with access to receipt printing systems can insert a one-line at the bottom of the receipt encouraging members to vote and comment on Chewru.Com. “We want to hear from you!”
  • If discussing the certificate, stress that Chewru is a user-driven community of restaurant goers, *not* professional critics. Explain that anyone can submit a review, vote, or comment.
  • If we’re running a promotion here, like our gift card giveaways, let your patrons know.  They’ll come to comment and vote

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