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Public House at Logan Square – Philadelphia, PA

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Public House at Logan Square
Philadelphia, PA
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Price: $106.17 (for two with tip, but before $25 gift certificate)
Meal: Dinner
Time: Saturday, 5:30 PM
Special Note: Check out for gift certificates!

After a fun day at the Franklin Institute, Guru and I headed a few blocks away to the Public House at Logan Square located just 2 or so blocks off the the Ben Franklin Parkway. It is located in a scenic section of Philadelphia. The restaurant atmosphere was cozy with dim overhead lighting and comfortable booths (and what looked to be comfortable chairs at the tables). It had overall very modern decor with American flag-themed columns and intricate flasks lining a long shelf on one side of the room. Each table had a candle at the center. We requested that ours be lit once we were seated for added ambiance. Nice casual dress seemed to be prevalent amongst the patrons. One mood killer is the bar located just on the other side of the divider separating the seating area from the remainder of the restaurant. On this Saturday night, there was an Air Force football game going on, so the loud (and slightly drunk) fans could easily be heard throughout the restaurant. The service was certainly a highlight of our Public House experience. Our waitress was informative, friendly, and attentive. We were seated immediately upon entering and placed our drink orders just a minute or two later. The drinks were good, but overpriced ($12 for a Long Island Ice Tea!?). “Overpriced,” however, seemed to be a theme of the evening. Our entrees didn’t take unreasonably long to be served. As a side note, both the men’s and women’s bathrooms were decently clean, but certainly not immaculate.

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Guru and I started off the meal by sharing a tomato and mozzarella salad. The dressing on the salad was a delicious combination of olive oil, a green pesto sauce, and basil vinaigrette. The greens were fresh and, according to the menu, the tomatoes were locally grown (and quite good). Red tomatoes were stacked with only TWO slices of mozzarella (which was disappointing for the price of the salad). Yellow tomatoes were a nice addition on the side of the salad.

Much to Guru’s chagrin, I passed on the chicken tonight and ordered the Filet Mignon Sliders. Mini burger buns were topped off with caramelized onions, small filet mignon steaks, and blue cheese drizzle (I passed on the blue cheese drizzle). The side of fries was disappointing; the portion was on the small side and the fries were thin (almost too stringy). There were 3 sliders in the meal: plenty to fill my small girl-sized appetite, but probably would not have been enough to satisfy Guru (or most other hungry men). The filet mignon steaks were definitely more cooked than what I had ordered (I ordered them done medium, but I received well done). There were too many caramelized onions on top of each slider for my liking. After knocking a few of them off, these sliders were still quite good despite being more cooked than I would have liked. Guru didn’t seem to mind polishing off my onion scraps.

Guru ordered the Key West Pork Tenderloin. This meal consisted of 6 smallish pork medallions in a banana rum sauce accompanied by roasted poblana peppers, two yucca cakes, and a grilled pineapple slice. Guru found the meat perfectly cooked and very tender. Although both of us were unfamiliar with yucca cakes (even our waitress wasn’t sure what they were), they turned out to be quite good. Some avid “Choogling” after dinner revealed that yuccas are actually a type of potato-like plant often pressed into cakes in Costa Rica. World geography aside, the banana rum sauce added a unique flavor that nicely complemented the yucca cakes and helped to “mild out” the spiciness of the poblana peppers. Again, the portion size was certainly not large, especially for the price. It was enough to fill Guru up, but not enough to bring home leftovers.

We mistakenly assumed that because the meal portions were on the conservative side, the desserts would be the same. We ordered two desserts to share: Cookie Dough Smash and Apple Crisp. One dessert would have been more than enough to share! The Apple Crisp was good, but not any different than your run-of-the-mill apple crisp, except for the type of apples used. It had fresh Fuji apple slices baked in a sweet, crumbly cinnamon and caramel sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. Both Guru and I preferred the Cookie Dough Smash (although we somehow managed to polish off both desserts). This delicious dessert consisted of cookie dough served in a very hot iron skillet that was partially baked to create the beginnings of a fresh chocolate chip cookie. The inside of the cookie was still melty and gooey. Cookie Dough Smash was topped off with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce to create a truly decadent and rich chocolate lovers’ heaven. The desserts were the only part of the meal where we really got our money’s worth.

– Friendly service
– Nice atmosphere
– Good food

– Overpriced based on portion sizes
– Bar can be noisy and distracting

Guru’s Score: 3.6
Autumn’s Score: 3.8
Average Score: 3.7 Chews
Subjective Review: Try it (but bring a coupon!)

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