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Phillips Seafood – Atlantic City, NJ

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Don’t Bet on Phillips Seafood
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Phillips Seafood
The Pier Shops at Caesars
1 Atlantic Ocean #4111, Atlantic City, NJ 08401
(609) 348-2273
Website: Phillips Seafood

While small in size to the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, Atlantic city has a wide range of dining options from eclectic and elegant, fashionable and flared, to frugal and family oriented.  Phillips Seafood, located in the ritzy campus on the boardwalk of Caesar’s Casino Pier Shops, has found itself a nice niche in that it falls short in meeting the requirements of every dining option above.  My companion and I, hungry for a meal before fighting expressway traffic, were seated in the main dining area at 4:00PM.  It was happy hour, but having had our fill of numerous libations over the past twenty four hours, my friend and I bypassed the bar in desire of more simple fair.We ordered a crab dip and spinach appetizer, which arrived hot and inside an edible sourdough bowl.  It did its job and was very appetizing, including the bread.  On a quest for more crab, my female friend and I each ordered the crab cake sandwich.  The menu proudly boasted it was “famous since 1915”.  We mocked the self-proclaimed title as we waited for our entrees.  When they arrived, we could see that the crab cake was hot.  Not wanting a cold sandwich, our expectations were lifted until we caught sight of the cold mundane hamburger roll the steaming cake was on.  Priced at $15.99, I would think a more suitable roll would be in order.  Not wanting to be outdone by the main element of the ensemble, the french fires were lukewarm.  Woman’s intuition made by friend comment that “they appeared to have been sitting out for some time.”  I concurred with her assessment and later asked if her meal was better than that found on an Applebee’s menu.  She could not say with any certainty that her food was any better than its chain restaurant cousin employing high school kids just trying to earn spending money.

Phillips Seafood does have some good qualities.   I have passed it at night and it does have a certain ambiance to it.  Patrons can get comfortable and gaze out the panoramic windows above the boardwalk, their eyes quickly getting lost on the beach or on the dark silhouette of the ocean.  If you goal is to dine with a good sight line,  Phillips Seafood is the place for you.  If you long for the  comfort food of a simple seafood staple, the crab cake sandwich, your hunger pains will not be relieved.

I goggled a fact I was curious about when I returned home.  The wobbly pedestal supporting the rich heritage of the Phillips Seafood crab cake came falling down.  All was not lost though.  As it turns out, Phillip’s claim was just off one year.  The hamburger bun was invented in 1916, and the one I ate sure tasted like it was pulled out of a package listing that born on date.  My suggestion is simple.  Wager on some other restaurant or even stop by your local “neighborhood” Applebee’s.  The food is no worse there.

Score: 2.0 Chews ★★☆☆☆
Subjective rating: Shrimpy.

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