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PB Diner Restaurant – Glassboro, NJ

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They couldn’t tell me what PB stood for.

PB Diner Restaurant – Glassboro, NJ
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Meal: Breakfast / Weekend / 11am
Price: $68 (For 6 – Does Not Include Tip)

Discussing our somewhat recurring weekend diner review, we decided to try the PB Diner down in Glassboro, a busy little area in and of itself. Within feeding range of Rowan University and dozens of local businesses and residential areas, I’d suspect PB’s value lies just as much in its location as anything else. Whether that property value translated into Chewru goodness was the task for six of us, and like last week’s review, we polled the entire group for their scores.

The exterior of PB keeps it on the conservative side. You’ll find a stone exterior not entirely different than other older diners. We did like their stain-glass windows which sported the ‘PB’ logo, which, surprisingly, our waitress didn’t know too much about beyond presuming it was the initials of the original owner. While that’s probably a good guess, they could have advanced the history and atmosphere of the place if they teach their staff the story a little bit. Parking was adequate; my feeling was that there are just enough spaces for available seats. The interior is undergoing a renovation (it appears the entire left half of the diner is down), which made it slightly crampy in the lobby. With the stone interior with exposed wooden ceiling beams, my immediate sense was more of a Ponderosa than a NJ diner, which may be a good thing. We’ll see what things look like after the construction is done.

They accommodated our group without a long wait and pushed some tables together. We were immediately impressed by what appeared to be team-wait-staff service, where we were greeted by one waitress who took our drink orders, and another who took our menu orders. There was even a third waitress who passed by and refilled our drinks. On a busy day, this system may actually be superior to what we say at Five Points a few weeks earlier, when one waiter was swamped and running around a large section of the dining area all by himself. We got our coffees, teas, and waters very quickly. We really liked the rich, flavorful coffee in a regular sized mug – and would rate it extremely high for diner coffee. They left the carafe on the table so we could self-refill, which is another nice touch. Over all, we were very pleased with service.

Our typical appetizer order of mozzarella sticks and onion rings followed, and so did some inconsistency. The onion rings were a little flimsy – but still decent. The mozzarella sticks, though, were a thorough flop. They were substantially undercooked (or perhaps had been allowed to cool for too long?) and were more like breaded polly-o string cheese. We did appreciate the serving of 8 of them, which was a change from the usual order of 5, but I think we all agreed we’d rather have less of something that tasted a whole lot better. We wouldn’t get them again.

For our breakfasts, we tried several types of omelets, blueberry pancakes, and two special french toast creations. In PB’s case, it appeared that their comfort zone was with the eggs stuffs; the two highest scores for the day came from a mushroom and western omelet. The blueberry pancakes used real blueberries mixed in the batter, not a cheap compote, and looked terrific. The batter itself, though, seemed really plain and I found myself longing for the flavor of some Aunt Jamima’s I could make at home. The french toast almondine, covered in slivered almonds and strawberries, sounded like a great idea but was received cautiously by both who tried it. They spent a few minutes discussing whether or not they liked it, which usually means that, at least, they didn’t love it. No juice was served with any of our meals, although the omelets did come with the usual choice of toast and home fries. Prices were on the mid/high end of what we’ve seen competitively. The pancakes were $6.95 for 5 of them, but given food prices lately we’re starting to see small increases across the board.

The good news for PB is that nobody gave the restaurant a score lower than a 3.0. It’s a shame the food underperforms the service, but you really need both for those higher scores. Our ‘breakfast panel’ scored accordingly: 3.0, 3.0, 4.0, 3.5, 4.0, 3.0.


– Terrific Service
– Nice interior should be enhanced by renovation
– Good eggs


– You gotta cook those mozzarella sticks!
– You’ll find better pancakes and french toast elsewhere

Combined Score: 3.42 Chews


Subjective rating: Good, but could be better.

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PB Diner Restaurant - Glassboro, NJ, 2.4 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

2 Responses to " PB Diner Restaurant – Glassboro, NJ "

  1. Alexandra says:

    P & B stands for Petsis and Benas the two original owners of the diner.

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  2. cheryl says:

    Have been a PB customer for years…back when it was on the site of Matt Blatt and called P&B! Sat with owners, George and Val, and always a favorite. Tonight I was thoroughly disgusted and probably will not return. After being seated at 8:30, we waited nearly 40 minutes before being served. Our waitress, while pleasant, was very confused. After bringing out our dinners (my second choice…my original was not available), then soup, and trading iced teas with another table…she reversed the order, we ate an ok meal. She was hurried because the restaurant was closing and the host had continued to seat people after the agreed upon 9:00 time…I guess this was somehow my family’s fault! She combined our check with a neighboring table and as that was getting straightened out, we were trying to finish our meals while construction workers were tearing up the carpet around us. Another waitress inquired why we seemed upset about our evening, and told us that she found it hard to believe we waited 40 minutes, and the workers were getting paid to start the construction work and the owners were supposed to put a sign on the door stating they were closing early. In any case, we were seated, we were waited on, and we should have been able to finish our meals without construction taking place! Totally disappointed. Guess my family has to find a new favorite place! 5 Points has some great new deals! I don’t think they’re under construction either!

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