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Passariellos Pizzeria & Italian Eatery – Voorhees, NJ

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Passariello’s Pizzeria & Italian Eatery
Voorhees, NJ
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Price: $26 (Two – Includes Tip)
Meal: Lunch

We love pizza here at Chewru, and decided to phone one in to Passariello’s and check things out. We have heard excellent things about eating in (including a neat ordering system), but we were pretty beat and didn’t feel like driving. We had a coupon and ordered a large pizza (with mushrooms), 10 piece wings (mild), and a 2-liter soda. It was supposed to $17.99 or so, and they said it would take a half hour. Seemed like a decent enough deal. They were fairly pleasant on the phone, took a credit card, and even included the tip right there. Pretty easy.

About a half hour later, the food arrived, along with a surprisingly large bill. Unbeknownst to us, Passariello’s charged a $2 delivery surcharge, which kind of zaps the value from the coupon we used. On top of that, we were charged an extra $2 for adding the mushrooms (quite a margin for them in that area!), and correctly charged the $3 we wished to apply to the driver for the tip. While we were aware we’d probably pay something for elective topping (the coupon clearly said plain cheese), $2 seemed pretty steep. The delivery surcharge is not all that uncommon, but we would have liked to have been told about that upfront.

For the most part, the food itself quelled my gripes over the final price. I started with a couple slices of the pizza and dug in. It was cooked perfectly, with an even amount of cheese and red sauce under a reasonable amount of mushroom slices. The crust was pretty good, and under different circumstances (perhaps not delivery) I’d probably get one of their pizzas again. The wings were a bit less exciting, though. It might be my imagination, but they seemed to have an unusual amount of fat, which seemed to suck up all the mild (almost no kick whatsoever) sauce. As delivered, they were pretty mushy, although certainly on the side of acceptable. They were packaged in a styrofoam container – a personal pet peeve of mine (using a small aluminum container would better trap the heat and be recyclable). They threw in 3 hapless small cuts of celery and some blue cheese to complete the order. The diet coke was fairly cold, which was impressive considering the 80+ degree heat that day.

Update: We finally got a chance to eat-in and the experience is significantly better. We think you’ll probably like this place more if you make the drive and take a seat. They have a cafeteria-style offering of various pizzas, sandwiches, sides, desserts, and anything else you might need. Service was efficient and there was ample seating even on a busy weekend.


– Pizza was great
– Delivered on-time
– Soda was cold
– Nice dining room
– Lots of eat-in choices


– Wings were so-so
– Delivery surcharge? Bah!
– Not the cheapest solution

Our Score: 3.5 Chews

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Passariellos Pizzeria & Italian Eatery - Voorhees, NJ, 3.4 out of 5 based on 7 ratings

2 Responses to " Passariellos Pizzeria & Italian Eatery – Voorhees, NJ "

  1. Passariello's Delivery Driver says:

    As a driver, we make our earnings on tips and the service charge. We have to cover our own insurance, gas, and fees. Anytime we have that sign on our roof, we are liable. All that for a tip job where the tips will range from no tips to a couple of dollars average. Some of customers here treat us better than other shops I’ve worked for, but the service area is too large and we lose out on mileage.
    The STANDARD delivery charge is $1. You were charged $2 because you requested a delivery site outside of our zone. We have to draw the line somewhere. As a courtesy, we extend the delivery zone…which most places won’t do, in order to get your business.
    Most other restaurants charge you the delivery fee, but only give a portion of that to the drivers. Pocketing the rest for themselves. Our company gives us the entire fee, but we are taxed 100% for our tips whereas most companies only report the credit card tips.
    As far as our information and not having online ordering, etc. I agree, it could be better, but you sited a classic example of coupon ordering mistakes. The coupons are made non-negotiable. As soon as you make an adjustment, you no longer have ordered what is on the coupon (especially toppings). It’s the OLDEST way to get folks like you to spend more money. Entice you with the coupon and most companies know the customer will want to modify it. This happened all the time at my old place. COUPONS ARE GIMMICKS. Either go with the coupon EXACTLY or don’t waste your time and get what you want. But don’t blame the company for their business skills.

    The toppings are not like you get out of a frozen box or a fast food joint like Dominos/Pizza Hut/Papa John’s factory. Papa John’s “says all fresh ingredients”, but they just get delivery drivers to cut the green peppers, onions and tomatoes…everything else is processed, same as the rest of them. We’re not in the same category; our food is restaurant style, cooked everyday and made to order.

    I think all food is too expensive, but from what I’ve seen with comparable places, our prices are similar.
    But I am a driver, my job is to provide good delivery service. I can’t control any aspect of food or store operations.
    Hopefully, that clears up at least the delivery miscommunication.

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  2. Chewru Guru says:

    Driver – thanks for your viewpoint. In this economic climate, I’d opin that *anything* is negotiable as far as coupons go, but you made a good case for Passariello’s surcharges. It sounds like they need to start paying you guys a little more, too. It sure is a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle in addition to the $40+ fillups.

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