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Olive Garden – Deptford, NJ

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Olive Garden Italian Restaurant – Deptford, NJ
Price: $51 (Excluding Tip)
Meal: Dinner / Weekend / 830p
Website: Olive Garden Website
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In our last Olive Garden review, Autumn gave the Cherry Hill location a solid 3.75 score. This time around, I tagged along at the Deptford location for a nice weekend date with my lovely girlfriend. Since we have no desire to reinvent the wheel as far as describing the restaurant – we’ll presume you’ve heard of it – we’ll get right to the content!

As expected, the place was mobbed. I still can’t get over why people are willing to wait even 20 minutes for a retail Italian chain when there are lots of good, smaller restaurants out there. The irony that was lost on me at the time was that I was just as willing to join them – kind of. We did initially sign in and wait, but after a few minutes decided to skip the pager and took a seat in the bar area. We’re glad we did; our waitress was awesome and we couldn’t imagine our service being any better with another. We started out with Autumn’s usual malibu and diet coke and I continued my recent trend of ordering a Coors Light bottle. Both we priced in the middle of ranges we’ve seen elsewhere.

We opted for some appetizers and decided to split an $8.50 2-choice platter in which we selected mozzarella sticks (for her) and calamari (for me). The portions were kind of tiny (3 medium mozzarella triangles) and maybe a large handful or two of calamari. We liked them both – in my estimation the calamari was better than the mozzarella – but it would have probably been a better value if we opted for the 3-choice platter for only a dollar more. Either way, it was probably a good two or three bucks overpriced and I wouldn’t recommend getting these appetizer ‘deals’ unless you have a larger party and can balance out the cost per item slightly. In fact, the complimentary salad (or soup) is more than good enough to forgo getting an appetizer.

For our main course, Autumn ordered the chicken con broccoli and I went out of the pasta zone and tried the parmesan-crusted tilapia. The bowtie pasta chicken con broccoli was on the rich side with maybe a dozen broccoli stalks and two thin grilled chicken breasts. The portion size appeared very fair, and Autumn wasn’t able to finish the whole thing. I had a few bites for lunch the following day and enjoyed it, although for my tastes I’d want it a little less heavy. My tilapia didn’t appear as generously-sized, as is typical with fish, and was served with a side of squash and zucchini over a spoonful or two of angel-hair pasta. The fish was slightly on the fishy side (smell and taste), which means it wasn’t as fresh as it could be, but I found it acceptable. We received consistent attention for water refills to our table and had absolutely no complaints as to the service, cleanliness, or atmosphere.

We skipped dessert but I did have a desire for a cappuccino. At $4, it’s priced against your local coffee shop and is served in a oversized cup with whipped cream and a generous dusting of cinnamon. As an avid coffee enthusiast, I liked it and thought it was better than some other places that try to get too fancy with toddler-sized portions. In all, a nice dinner was had and we’d return again in the future, perhaps with a little more effort to find some coupons in the local paper.


– Very pleasant service
– Nice atmosphere & cleanliness
– Solid pasta offerings
– Salad & breadsticks


– Seafood choices mediocre
– Appetizers overpriced
– Beer selection limited

Guru’s Score: 3.0
Autumn’s Score: 4.0
Combined Score: 3.5 Chews


Subjective rating: Have a good dinner.

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