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Kite and Key Tavern, Philadelphia, PA

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Could use more electricity.

1836 Callowhill Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130-4110
Phone: (215) 568-1818
Website: The Kite and Key Tavern
Price: $27.00 (For Two – Excludes Tip)
Meal: Dinner / Weekend / 6pm

After a day at the Franklin institute, we were looking for somewhere local to grab a bite. Our first choice (purely from the proximity to the institute) was Aya’s Cafe, but it was booked for a private party. The next stop was apt-named Kite and Key Tavern less than a mile away. With some help from Google Maps, we followed the dotted line and arrived in no time.

I tried the fish and chips ($14) and Autumn went with the meatball parmigiana ($9.50) in addition to a malibu and diet coke ($4.50). She liked the drink, and we both loved our server who seemed genuinely happy to be there and was quite friendly to us. The tavern has a great open-air feel to it, with a modern, but otherwise cookie-cutter interior with a small bar and a pair of LCDs. We only waited ten minutes for our food, which was definitely a plus as we had plans elsewhere in the city. If you’re into beer, they had at least a dozen on tap that I’ve never heard of (which doesnt say a whole lot).

One of the reasons I ordered the fish and chips was that the fish was mahi-mahi as opposed to the usual cod. It was served very hot with, in my opinion, pathetic salty shoestring fries not fitting for the large delicious pieces of fish. Malt vinegar came standard, but I also like mine with tartar sauce and the waitress was happy to bring a little bit over. The fish was a little greasy but otherwise very good. The chips, however, were a major disappointment for me. For $14, I wanted the chips to be just as good as the fish. Autumn liked her meatball parm, but to our surprise, it was very spicy, and that’s not something I think the average person would expect to be spicy. She had the same ore-ida shoestring fries I did, but didnt seem as disappointed as I was. The spiciness of the meatball was beyond what I’d probably enjoy had I ordered the sandwich. Autumn commented that the bread was good and crisp.

Overall, the waitress really did a great job of keeping us happy, and the food wasn’t bad. The problem is that I just wasn’t engaged enough with this place to want to come back when there are so many other pubs and taverns in the city that I bet would be significantly better.

Autumn’s Score: 2.8 Chews
Guru’s Score: 2.5 Chews
Combined Score: 2.65 Chews


Subjective rating: Average.

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