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McDonalds – Woodbury, NJ

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Your heart may not thank you.

Woodbury, NJ
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Meal: Dinner / 8pm / Weekend
Special Note: Coupons-a- plenty. Look for them.
Compare to: Wendy’s, Burger King, Sonic, Checkers

For the sake of science and your sick amusement, I headed to McDonald’s for the first time in years. The media-silly fast food innovator has done a decent job of changing its image on the outside, but did the stuff in the bag really change that much? Not really.

Stepping into the interior of McDonalds you will indeed notice a few changes if you, like me, haven’t been there since your childhood. No more ugly hard-plastic yellow benches! Today’s McDonalds is widely renovated, with comfortable seating, WiFi internet access, and even a free game room for the kids. Some of the buildings may be the traditional McDonalds look or the throwback-style 50s-themed McDonalds. You can even find them inside a Wal-Mart nowadays.

The Woodbury store has an ideal location – opposite of Underwood Memorial Hospital on a busy intersection. Although I went on a weekend, it was later and I didn’t expect to wait very long. Although there was only one person ahead of me in line, I actually waited more than 5 minutes to even order. The lone cashier seemed frazzled – frustrated by a kitchen delay and an incorrect order that was returned from the dining room. In my patience waiting for my piece of the American dream, I had a real good look at the kitchen area, and I can’t say I was enamored. Overall, it was fairly cluttered, disorganized, and although not ‘dirty’, I started to question why I was even here. When you take the ‘fast’ out of ‘fast food’, there’s not a heck of a lot left.

I went with my gut (no pun intended) and tried a staple of McDonald’s fare – a Big Mac value meal. It’s exactly how I remember it; two skinny steam-pressed cuts of beef, lettuce, onions, pickles, and special sauce stamped between 3 pieces of bread. It was pre-prepared in a recycled paper box (good move). Besides being on the lukewarm side, it met expectations. The fries were smaller than I remember for ‘regular’ size, but were actually pretty good. The accompanying diet soda I requested wasn’t flat, which made my day. The service was minimally polite. I noticed that most of the staff looked very young – even the manager – which made me wonder if McDonald’s has all but priced themselves out of mature, experienced staff.

Nowadays, you’ll pay over $5 across the board for any value meal, and perhaps aside from the fries, I think you’ll find better quality elsewhere. That’s not to say McDonald’s isn’t helpful in a pince, but let’s be reasonable – it’s still just a burger joint. Despite the company’s best efforts to offer ‘healthier’ selections and brand itself into some heart-friendly, kid-loving, family-oriented ‘restaurant’, it’s still just a place to consume mass quantities of calories in as little time as possible.


– Upgraded interiors (WiFi, games, etc..)
– Consistent tastes across chains
– Good fries


– You’ll find a better burger
– Staff/management youth may contribute to delays
– I consumed nearly 1,000 calories in under 10 minutes

Our Score: 2.5 Chews
Subjective rating: Completely average.

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