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Luigis Family Restaurant – Runnemede, NJ

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Family? Maybe a distant third-cousin.

Luigi’s Family Restaurant
Runnemede, NJ
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Price: $30 / 5 people (pickup order)
Meal: Lunch / 1pm / Weekend
Note: Used valpak coupon

When you’ve got a couple of friends over for the game, you need a good pizza. Continuing our dedication of rechewing at all cost and convenience, we searched far and wide for a new champion of the circular party pie. With some stores closed on Sunday (are you kidding me?), we were beginning to think it was unlikely we’d have new blood for a review. Thankfully, after ripping open a ValPaK coupon mailer, an ad for Luigi’s gently glided and actually landed on our telephone! We knew that this was fate – that this family restaurant would be the provider of our nourishment for the big game. We picked up the telephone and gave them a call (Yes, we are currently shopping this around for a cable miniseries!).

The phone chat was a little odd. We had an coupon seemed like a good deal ($30 for 2 large pizzas (16″), 2 hoagies, 2 cheesesteaks, and a two-liter soda), but the guy on the phone didn’t seem to know about it. After a minute or two of trying to explain exactly what coupon we had, he must have found it and all was well. We asked to have the order ready in an hour and they obliged. Autumn hoped in the hybrid and let her navigation system guide the way. Upon her return, Autumn said the staff at Luigi’s was very friendly and even helped her carry some of the stuff into her car. Very cool. Unfortunately, we were also cooled by some of the food; it was a mixed bag at best.

Starting in the order of which we enjoyed them the most — the hoagies were terrific. We ordered the American variety and I found them tasty, fresh, and the clear winner of the meal. Concerning the pizza, I was far less enthusiastic. The pies were about as simple as possible, as expected, but were rather bland as far as pizza goes. On top of that, the crust was pretty flat. Not like a ‘thin crust’, mind you, but a crust that didnt look like it rose too much in the oven to start with. We had to assault the slices with pepper and garlic to give them some good flavor. Clearly, we’ve had better pizza at any number of places.

The cheese steaks were pretty dismal, though. They were supposed to be 8″, but they seemed shorter than that and it was just as well. There was very minimal steak, and the torpedo rolls seemed really thick compared to the anything inside of them. Whereas I’ve had to struggle in the past to even fit cheesesteaks into my mouth for a clean bite, i had no such problem with the Luigi’s version. In fact, I’m pretty certain I could have popped half the sandwich down the hatch with little resistance from my jaw. I would really categorize them as ‘cheesesteak bites’ that happen to be in a full-sized roll.

Overall, there were things we liked a lot of things we didn’t. Your mileage will certainly vary with this one.


– Friendly in-person staff
– Delicious hoagies
– Good prices on bulk food (look for coupons!)


– Forgettable pizza
– Anemic cheesesteaks
– Strange phone haggling (didn’t know our regionally-distributed coupon?)

Autumn’s Score: 2.1
Guru’s Score: 2.5

Combined Score: 2.3 Chews
Subjective rating: Slightly below average. Pity.

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