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Los Amigos – Berlin, NJ

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Worth AMIGO’ing to.

Los Amigos – Berlin, NJ
461 Route 73 North / 856-767-5216
Meal: Dinner / Weekend / 8pm
Price: $38 (For Two – Excludes Tip)
Website: Los Amigos – Berlin

There aren’t too many Mexican places in the area, so we ask for more of the ones that are out there. When Autumn and I were in Voorhees recently, we decided to cross the border into Berlin and check out Los Amigos, a straight up Mexican restaurant in a small strip mall that you could easily miss if you were cruising down 73. It’s a landmark of the area, though, having existed at this location for over 20 years. It also helps the feel-good vibe when we learned that the sons of one of the original owners of the 2-store franchise (dad is at the AC location) are now the top chefs at the Berlin location.

On the Friday night we went, the place was thoroughly packed and suffocated the limited parking. We were seated immediately, though, by a hostess that was dressed a little too casually (wearing a sweater vest with a lot of skin) than we’d have liked for a night out. We didn’t care for the seats right near the entrance, so we moved over to the back a little bit which we much preferred. Our waitress was another one of those ‘obligatory friendly’ types that didn’t reduce our enjoyment, but didn’t do much to improve it. Everything, then, came on the shoulders of how good the food would be.

We got a good chance to look around prior to getting our order in. I liked the atmosphere.. light and fun without being too gimmicky. String lights ran across the ceiling on top of artificial branches and leaves, with sombreros and themed prints scattered on the pillars and walls. There was a smallish bar area to the left of the entranceway that we didnt get a chance to venture into. A third, more intimate room adjacent to the main dining room featured a neat brick arch and a more contemporary feel. There’s only a moderate amount of ambient light, which we thought helped make the interior more appealing for a special night out.

For my entree, I ordered the fish tacos loaded with tuna and salmon (after being talked into it by the waitress when I was leaning towards a seafood enchilada). Autumn tried a chicken dish ($16 off of the specials menu) swimming in spicy jalapeno sauce, carmelized onions, garlic mashed potatoes, and fried leeks on top. We passed on the appetizers as we assumed we’d load up on the free tortillas and salsa, and we were not disappointed. We loved the crisp golden chips and fresh salsa, and had our supply refilled at no charge. In a short time, we were delivered our bounty and very impressed by the presentation (see photos). My tacos were very good, although for $17 it would have been nice to have a third. No doubt about it, though, it was plenty of food coupled with all the chips I had eaten. Autumn’s chicken was so spicy that I was sweating just taking small bites. It was thoroughly tender and delicious, balanced well by the garlic mashed potatoes to cool things off a bit. She absolutely loved it, and had enough that she could bring some home for a snack the following day. Overall, we both were very happy with the quality of the menu. Sneaking a peek at other tables later on, all the entrees we saw looked creatively constructed and very appealing.

We weren’t going to have a dessert, but when I saw they had churros available, I didn’t hesitate to order. You’ll get five mid-sized churros for $5, cheaper than when I used to buy the big ones at Great Adventure for $3.75 a pop. They offered a choice between chocolate and raspberry sauce, both of which seemed like an odd fit for someone that is used to eating them as-is, and sure enough it was. We both agreed the chocolate sauce tasted like hershey’s syrup which actually hurt the inherently awesome flavor of the churro. If I had to dip them in something.. maybe a creamy caramel sauce would have been a better idea.

Overall, Los Amigos had plenty of good things to come back for, and I’m sure we’ll find our way back there in the next few months.

– Nice atmosphere
– Great tasting entrees

– Cramped parking

Guru’s and Autumn’s Score: 4.2 Chews
Subjective rating: Good stuff.

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