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In-N-Out Burger – Las Vegas, NV

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In ‘n out .. and coming back.

In ‘N Out Burger – Various Locations, Las Vegas, NV
Price: $4.98 (For One)
Meal: Lunch / 2pm / Weekday
Menu: INOB Website

Fast food usually sucks, even when it’s good. You know what I mean? In ‘N Out Burger, however, has taken the burger chain model and attempted to make it better through a very limited menu and fully made-to-order item selection. Just a quick cab ride away from any of the major casinos on the strip, would In ‘N Out Burger make a believer out of someone that rarely gets fast food?

You can check out some exterior pics (at end of the review) to see that INOB really has a lot of the same features as a McDonald’s or Sonic, down to the color scheme of the sign. There’s nothing else really special, but let’s assume no one cares what the building looks like. The inside was clean enough but very busy. There were a few booths and lots of tables and chairs. The attendants wore retro uniforms with the pointed paper hats ala Johnny Rockets; I always kind of like places that do that. Perhaps it’s a throwback to a simpler, quieter time, who knows!

IN-N-OUT Burger

IN-N-OUT Burger

The real gimmick to INOB is that the menu has three main items, a single cheeseburger, a double cheeseburger, and, you got it, a triple cheeseburger. You can nix the cheese if you want, and in fact, you can truly have the burger custom-built to your specs. Bleeding rare? You got it. Lots of tomatoes? Done. This is definitely something you’re not going to find at competitor’s places, at least on the meat side. BK will let you ‘have it your way’, but they aren’t going to make a special ‘burnt to a crisp’ burger if you wanted one. You get what they have, while INOB gives you what you want.

The fries warrant their own starting paragraph because they were one of the best I’ve had. They start with a whole potato, peeled fresh that day, and chop it up and deep fry it .. again, the same day. When you order fries, you are getting ones that were likely chopped from a potato twenty minutes ago, not shipped from McCain or Ore-Ida three months ago and put into storage. They had a terrific flavor and there’s no reason to avoid getting them, even if you’re counting calories. They’re worth it! The portion would be on par to what you’d probably get in a large McDonald’s offering.

I ordered a single cheeseburger combo cooked medium rare with all the fixins. It was superb. Not the biggest burger you’re going to get per each patty, but it just tastes ‘fresh’ and it was clearly superior to the competition. For a moderate-to-hungry appetite, go for a double. I was hungry a couple hours later after the single. The combo came with a free-refill soda, with all the standard selections to choose from including iced teas.

I wanted to try the milkshake too, so I splurged for a chocolate. It tasted like a McDonald’s one, which is a bad thing. Their website claims it’s ‘100% pure ice cream’, but I don’t buy it. You know the difference between a Wendy’s frosty and a McDonald’s ‘shake’? Yeah, one is clearly ice cream and the other just tastes like ice cream. One giveaway that they might be fibbing include the omission of the word ‘milk’ in their descriptions. The website says ‘shake’, which includes their nutritional info. I don’t recall anywhere in-store that had the phrase ‘milkshake’. They might use some kind of wacky powder-ice-cream-solids or something to claim it’s ‘100% ice cream’, but if you’re a purist I’d actually stick with a competing offering. Still, the shake was good… just not up to par with the rest of things.

The price for the burger combo and an added milkshake? Under $7 – with $4.98 of that being the combo. Zero complaints there. All considered, INOB is one of the best burger joints I’ve been to, and I wish we had them in our area. If you’re out of town and see one, stop over and enjoy.


– Best fast food burger/fries I’ve had
– Inexpensive considering the above


– Milkshake should have been homemade

Guru’s Score: 4.5 Chews


Subjective rating: Supersize me!

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INOB Exterior

INOB Exterior

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