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How to Vote on Chewru

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If you’ve heard about Chewru and want to start voting, it’s easy. You do not need to register to vote, but the voting mechanism is limited to 1 vote per IP address per restaurant. Click the more button below to learn how!

1. Use the search box on the top right of this page and search for a restaurant (easiest) or use the dynamic menu (also to the right) to browse the categories of places we’ve reviewed.

2. Read the review. Savor it. Love it.

3. At the bottom of each review, you’ll see two sections, ‘Our Score’ and ‘Your Score’. Here’s what it looks like:

Voting Part 1

4. You can directly vote on the ‘Your Score’ section. Just mouse over the faint ‘chattering teeth’ (you might not immediately notice them!) and they’ll light up a brilliant, if not awkward shade of blue.

Voting Part 2

5. With your mouse hovering over your selection (sorry, but at this time you can’t select half-stars! we know, it sucks!), click your mouse to confirm your vote. Your vote will instantly be recorded and reflected in the restaurant score!

Voting Part 3

Voting is importing. When we have enough traffic, user voting can really have an impact on the quality of service we receive at restaurants. If you’ve had a good OR bad experience at any of our reviewed locations, let us know with the power of a single mouse-click. It’s culinary democracy in your hands!

Why doesn’t my vote immediately add to the total on the front page?

You may have noticed that we keep a running count of all sitewide votes on our front page.┬áBecause we use site-caching to deliver our pages faster to you, your vote may not appear on the front page total for up to 6 hours. Don’t worry, your vote is still recorded!

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