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Hatfield Grill – Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA

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Stick with the sausage.

Hatfield Grill – Locations Throughout Citizens Bank Park
Philadelphia, PA

We’ve taken a look at Harry the Ks inside the ballpark, and after a dismal cheese steak, we were eager to find something a little bit better the next time around. Although the Phillies looked horrible in the particular game we went to, would we determined to find another spot in the ballpark to grab something decent to eat. With three or four locations throughout the stadium, the Hatfield Grill’s locations had reasonable lines against the sea of people waiting for the bigger name Tony Luke’s, Bull’s BBQ, or Chickie and Pete’s. Perhaps one day we’ll have the patience to wait for one of those too (eh, that’s unlikely).

Hatfield Grill locations primarily have sausage sandwiches, hotdogs, burgers, fries, sodas, and beers. The one we went to was more of a kiosk and only had sausages and hotdogs, though I remember seeing one or two larger ones that may have the full assortment of items. There is no seating available – only Harry the Ks and Bull’s BBQ really have dedicated seating – you’re going to bring this stuff to your seat. Prices are on par with what you expect for eating in the ballpark. For $10, you’ll get a sausage or hotdog and a 20oz soda.

One of the biggest selling points of the Hatfield Grill is that they are able to operate fairly quickly and we didnt wait more than 5 minutes to get our stuff. The sausages looked like a good portion, and I couldnt see the hotdogs, so I went with what looked good. My brother was still content to grab an all-beef hotdog which was served to him tightly(!) wrapped, to the point where we even questioned whether there was a bun. The sausage is served open-faced in a paper tray with a smattering of peppers and onions on what tasted like an Amoroso roll. Comparing the two, I was very happy I picked the sausage.

While not truly ‘off the grill’ because they’re cooking about a dozen at once and pre-building the sandwiches ahead of time, the sausage was hot, had good flavor, and didn’t cheat me on the peppers and onions. The hotdog did indeed have a bun, but it was so compressed that it didnt exactly garner a mouth-watering response. My brother complained that it was overcooked and the bun was dry. Fortunately, there’s plenty of condiment dispensers throughout the park and he made do with a little extra ketchup and relish.

Had we only gotten the sausage, it’s possible we’d given the Hatfield Grill a higher score, but the poor hotdog keeps it grounded. I have no idea why they vice-grip the hotdogs and not the sausages; I wish they were prepared and served in the same fashion. If you want a hotdog, I might try elsewhere in the ballpark or even just pay a vendor at your seat. As far as the sausages are concerned, they’re park-price-inflated but otherwise still very good.


– Good sausage sandwich
– Shorter lines than other places in the park


– Squish-a-dog

Guru’s Score: 2.6 Chews


Subjective rating: Okay.

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