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Harry the Ks – Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia, PA

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Swing and a miss.

Harry the Ks Broadcast Grill
Inside Citizens Bank Park
Philadelphia, PA
Menu: HTML Menu
Meal: Gametime Lunch / 2pm / Weekday
Price: $50 (For Two – Includes Tip)

Nothing says spring like opening day of major league baseball, and nothing says Philadelphia like a good cheesesteak. Unfortunately, simply having both in the same place doesn’t make for a winning combination.

Harry the K’s (named after famed phillies announcer Harry Kalas) is one of the many eateries in the gorgeous Citizen Bank Park complex, home of the Philadelphia Phillies. While looking for a pre-game eat, we wandered to the upstairs of the bi-level restaurant and avoided much of the winding lines we found elsewhere. We ordered two cheesesteaks, a side of fries, and a bunch of bottles of domestic beers. After paying, we grabbed a seat at a table a few feet away, only to be told that we weren’t exactly allowed to sit there? What?

Apparently, Harry the Ks has a strange policy. If you order the stuff yourself, you can’t eat at the tables, which require waitress service. The waitress admitted that ‘they need a sign or something’, but agreed to let us stay there if we ordered something. It’s pretty weird because we’ve already given her employer money, so the policy seems to be self-serving strictly for the benefit of waitresses. However, since we don’t know how she gets paid (perhaps only tips?), we ordered three more beers. With another $20 tacked on, we presume we ordered enough. Waiting for our food to be ready, we really appreciated the views. Whether you’re just watching warm-ups or the game itself, it’s neat to have the entire field over your shoulder.

We waited about ten minutes and was alerted our food was ready. Everything was packed in take-out (to your seat) containers because of the previously explained ordering oddities. The cheesesteaks were medium-sized and of average visual appeal. They came with surprisingly good kettle-cooked ranch chips that turned out to be the best part of the meal. The fries were fairly heavily seasoned, which isn’t my preference, but they were still pretty good and I ate a bunch. Back to the cheesesteaks – horrible. In a city that is universally known for cheeseteaks, they were a major disappointment. The bread was super doughy/chewy and it was difficult to bite through it. The meat was very dry and it looked like the portion of actual meat was pretty weak. At $10, it would have been sent back in any other place besides the mini-economy of a ballpark.

I can excuse the price, but never the quality. I am amazed Harry Kalas lends his name to this joint, because it’s such a total insult to Philadelphia fans of both good baseball and good food. We know that when we eat out in these self-contained places we’re going to get hammered on the price, but seriously, put forth an effort. There are several other places to grab a cheesteak at the park, and I strongly recommend avoiding Harry the Ks if you’re in the market for one.


– Terrific views
– Ranch chips


– Lousy cheesteaks
– Wacky seating/ordering rules

Guru’s Score: 1.9 Chews


Subjective rating: Tell me it ain’t so, Harry!

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