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Harry Savoy’s Grill and Ballroom – Wilmington, DE

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2020 Naamans Road
Wilmington, DE 19810-2655
(302) 475-3001
Website: They’ve got one.

When Harry Met Sally is a classic movie I hold among my favorites. My exploration of Hemmingway’s movable feast complete, I fast forward Father Time. I left the elder Ernest in my Chevrolet Cruze and donned the jacket of the fine comedian Billy Crystal. The crazy red head first appearing in my last review re-emerged this time as an off-beat Meg Ryan.

Like a salmon returning to its place of birth, my friends and I nested once again in the quiet comfort of Wilmington, DE. I arrived early for our 7:00PM reservation and the front desk hostess gave me a warm greeting as I declined her request for assistance and made my way to the bar. I settled in and ordered an Octoberfest. I was rather surprised when the bartender commented I could order the Samuel Adams brew or a German made counterpart. Ever the patriot and self decorated freedom fighter, I selected Mr. Adams revolutionary refreshment. I was not disappointed.

The bar area was well proportioned. It consisted of a semi wrap around front bar and three long bar tables behind it I estimated could accommodate 4-6 people in reasonable comfort. The radio tune overhead was inspirational, not invading, the climate cool, not cold and the lighting subtle, not uffocating.
Our project near conclusion, the red head and I were among our other friends at Harry Savoy’s Grill. When our ravenous army was amassed, we were seated in short order at a nice locale in the center of the floor. We were spread across a wide table and hogged up both sides. We practically took over the joint, but we deserved special treatment after the long hours we recorded. Like our forefathers once said to England, don’t tread on us.

The hostess arrived and there was some initial conflict when the nicely dressed woman next to me requested to order appetizers. Mildly perturbed, our unsmiling waitress fired an unwelcome volley. “If you give me a second, I can’t do two things at once.” Our server was dead to me after that. It was of no surprise to me that I received the wrong soup order. While I should have realized there are no clams in cream of asparagus, I have worked eighteen days in a row. Cut me some slack. The correct soup order arrived temperate and tasty so the battle was not lost just yet.

Our charming waitress returned and announced the specials. The 1.5 pound Maine lobster priced at $25.95 was the special of the day and it was going fast! I overhead the actress playing Meg Ryan express interest so I said in no uncertain terms, “I’ll have what she’s having”. It was literally a big mistake as the litany of lobster was soon set down before me. I was given aid by a gentleman across the table. The man exited his throne and helped me arrange the bib around my neck. It did match the color of my eyes though. I stared at the large lobster as unintelligent as Forrest Gump did those first few shrimp his netting hauled. As the infamous George Costanza once said to his own band of diner friends, “the sea was angry that day”.

I took the easy route at first and reeled in the lumped crab meat on the tail. It was a good start and I enjoyed it. I scooped up the baby potatoes thereafter. They were well boiled and nicely seasoned. What happened next can be best described as an exercise in futility. To the applause of King Arthur’s court, I wielded the Excalibur bone cruncher without impaling the body parts of those closest to me and tasted the first morsel of my hard earned catch. It was merely satisfactory, not scrumptious. I threw in the towel a short while later. I am meant to dream novels, not divide or destroy defenseless crustaceans.

I turned to address the late arriving red shirted female occupying the Queen’s chair at the end of the table. She enjoyed her scallops and said “they spoke to me”. The mint chocolate gelato did to me as well. I was unimpressed. As before, I abstained from voting. My friends enjoyed their meals and making fun of Tony the Tiger’s bling. I thought they looked Grrrrreat! The service was very poor. We were loud and I suspect the waitress wished she had called in sick.

The first day of fall is not far off. There is still time to enjoy one last red sunset before the leaves turn a new shade, the last regular season out is recorded on diamonds all across major league baseball and my friend and astronomer Darren Tran watches a beautiful comet make one more pass around our galaxy.

I do not know what the future holds or if I will see my friends again on my next project. I will remember our last supper and be thankful I was there to see the story I witnessed unfold.

GoPhils Score: 4.0 Chews ★★★★☆
Subjective rating: Quite good.

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