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Harrison House Diner & Restaurant – Mullica Hill, NJ

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Main Street, Minimum Appeal.

Harrison House Diner & Restaurant
98 North Main Street
Mullica Hill, N.J. 08062
Phone: 856-478-6077
Fax: 856-478-6640
Meal: Lunch for two (with tip) $22

Fair weather or foul, Mullica Hill is a nice little ride to pass some time in the numerous antique, book and gift shops that line historic “Main Street”. It should be easy on the “gas tank” and if you just “window shop” in the stores then you come out ahead of the game. However lunch should always be considered, and your reviewer and companion have been to the Harrison House on several occasions while in town. It is conveniently located with ample free parking. Inside the atmosphere is airy and clean, with booth and counter seating. The walls are a warm yellow, somewhat reminiscent of a Mediterranean clime but of course this side of the “pond”. Staff is responsive and more than likely with a smile on their face. This visit was for lunch and there was no waiting to be seated even though it was about 11:45.

Your reviewer ordered a pork roll sandwich (with Cheese $6.50) on a Kaiser, that was accompanied by French Fries and a small serving cup of Cole Sale. Your reviewer’s companion ordered the Reuben ($7.75) also served with “fries” and Cole Slaw. Beverages were coffee ($1.25 each). Although we were patient, but hungry, there did seem to be a longish wait until the meal was served. Your reviewer sandwich was good, but the bottom of the roll was wet-as was the plate-with perhaps the “drippings” of the sandwich. Pork roll can do this, and like bacon, can always do with a quick “pat” with a paper towel before the cheese is put on. Apart from the “esthetics” the sandwich itself was sufficiently cooked and warm when delivered. The “fries” were likewise warm and without any grease. Unremarkable can best describe the Cole Slaw-not great, not bad…just OK. From your reviewer’s companion’s perspective the Reuben was described as overall “good”, but the corned beef was felt to be dry, and the Russian dressing a bit more “runny” that desired.

Both beverages passed “muster” and refills were obtained with relative ease. Dessert was bypassed, but for those inclined you would find a nice selection of fruited and plain cheesecakes ($3.50 and $3.75 respectively), double decker layer cakes at $3.75 per slice, fruit pies, puddings, etc.

Pop Pop’s Score: 2.0 Chews
Subjective rating: Below par.

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