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Harold’s New York Deli Restaurant – Lyndhurst, NJ

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Harold’s New York Deli Restaurant
10 Polito Avenue, Lyndhurst, NJ 07071
Phone: 201-935-2600 / Fax: 201-438-4434
Meal: Weeknight / Dinner / 930p
Price: $27 (for two – excludes tip)
Website: Harold’s Deli of Lyndhurst, NJ

Bigger is apparently better.

After publishing my review for the Famous 5th Street Deli in Philadelphia, a coworker of mine told me about Harold’s in NY. Not having the luxury to visit New York anytime soon, I was surprised to see a same-named Harold’s NY on the jersey side of the turnpike. You can be assured I was hoping for nothing but the most ginormous sandwiches and cakes I’ve ever seen.

This particular Harold’s – apparently there are quite a few, with some not being affiliated with the ‘original’ Harold’s – is attached to a Quality Inn across the street from a Marriott. The joint was pretty much dead after we stopped in late on a Thursday night. The interior was kind of a hybrid of a sports bar and classic diner, though unremarkable in either aspect. You might do a double take when you see the whiteboard pricing a 48oz steak, but believe me, you can certainly order it. Finishing it, though, will probably end up ordering you an EMT.

Our waitress looked tired and otherwise unengaged, though a different waitress two tables over seemed much peppier. The menu is extensive – and large – and it’s best to ask your waitress if you’re not sure about the portion sizes. Autumn needed to make sure her chicken, mozzarella, and roasted red pepper sandwich was sized for one (which it was), but I hoped to be surprised by my fried flounder sandwich. We were offered our run of the pickle bar while we waited, and it received mixed reviews. I’m a person that thinks a pickle is a pickle, but Autumn didn’t think they tasted all that good. If you wanted some extra rye bread, mini muffins, pickled tomatoes (and pickled pickles?), you were in the right place. The health salad was fresh and crunchy, and I’d recommend it. As far as the full menu, expect to pay over $10 for a sandwich, and large ones can easily cross $20. A ‘slice’ of cake will set you back $14.95.

We received the order in a decent time, and I was immediately floored by the size of my fish. From the top down, it looks normal enough, but from the side you can see that there’s 3 fried fillets stacked on top of each other. Considering that the size of the hoagie roll (which I opted to have it on) is at least equal to that of a McFish, you could argue one portion was the equivalent of (6) fast food portions. Not bad for almost $14, and it actually tasted really good. I absolutely loved the tartar sauce, and thought the house cole slaw was outstanding. You’ll get enough lettuce and tomato to make your own salad, but most of mine ended up crammed on top of the fish. Very high marks. Autumn’s chicken sandwich was equally praised, both for its more measured portion sizes (it’s a big sandwich for one person, but at least its for one person) and terrific taste. The small bite I took was excellent. A gentleman to the side of us ordered a cheese steak the likes of which I’ve never seen, but the picture I’ve included gives you absolutely no perspective. That salt shaker is a BIG salt shaker. The hoagie looked to the eye to be a foot long and damn near a foot wide. We’re talking serious, serious portions.

We didn’t order any alcohol or extras, so we can’t comment on how the bar was, but we’d definitely return to this Harold’s the next time we’re in the area. It’s not cheap, but can be a huge bargain if you’re bringing friends or family to share. The menu is good about letting you know the servings (some sandwiches serve 4-6 people), and paying $15 for a slice of cake that might be able to feed 4 isn’t so bad.


– Gigantic portions
– Very good food
– Lots of menu choices


– Portions don’t come cheap!
– Affixed to middle-of-the-road hotel

Guru’s Score: 4.4 Chews
Autumn’s Score: 3.8 Chews
Combined Score: 4.1


Subjective rating: Come hungry.

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