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Guru Deal: $1.25 Rockstar Roasted Energy Drinks at CVS (50% Off)

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I was in the Woodbury CVS earlier today and picked up a Rockstar Roasted Lite (coffee + energy) for what I expected was their regular price of $2.49. When I got back to the car and checked the receipt, I noticed it rang up as $1.25. I went back in, grabbed a bunch more, and asked the clerk to confirm the price before he rang them up. Indeed, they were $1.25 each. That’s a 50% drop on something I’ve never, ever seen discounted anywhere. The non-coffee energy drinks can be found in this price range off and on, but this is a great deal if you like the coffee ones. This was not advertised anywhere on the shelf or in a circular. Mistake? Your mileage may vary, of course, and the CVS card may be required (it’s free). Check out the receipt:
[image title=”receipt” size=”medium” id=”1022″ align=”left” linkto=”full” ]

Update: As of 3/23 this deal is still ongoing. Unfortunately if you like these drinks, scanning them into the CVS scan-a-tron shows their status as CLEARANCE. Does that mean a single CVS store is dumping them, the chain, or (gasp), Rockstar?

[image title=”Picture 055″ size=”medium” id=”1025″ align=”left” linkto=”full” ]

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