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Five Points Diner Restaurant – Deptford, NJ

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Five points in name only.

Five Points Diner Restaurant
Deptford, NJ
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Meal: Breakfast / Weekend / 11am
Price: $70 (For 7 – Not Including Tip)

We’ve been to several diners now, and its safe to say we’re starting to get a feel for who wants our business and who doesn’t. This time, six of my friends joined me at Five Points Diner for breakfast and we gave it the full go-round. As I had been to Five Points numerous times for dinner, and enjoyed it, I really thought we’d have a great showing by the mega-popular, well-located icon of the Route 47/41 intersection. Had I scored it simply from recollection, it’d be a benchmark for others to follow. When you’ve got six other opinions at the table, though, interesting things begin to happen. Nothing is for certain, and as they say in sports, ‘this is why they play the game’.

Five Points is a fairly big diner, and has a split interior between booths/bar stools and a larger dining room. It’s unlikely to see the place anything other than packed during a typical meal time, and this visit was no exception. We didn’t wait long, which was terrific, but we did notice that there didn’t seem to be a whole lot of wait staff compared to the massive amount of people there. More on this later. Inside the diner, you’ll find really typical table, chair, and booth elements with really nothing very memorable in terms of atmosphere. With its to-die-for location, you think they’d pepper the walls with some local flare, but that’s just my opinion. Expect wait staff to be in traditional black and white uniforms, which for some reason is always appealing to me.

Since there were seven of us, we ordered a mix bag of items. We started with orders of mozzarella sticks and onion rings, as is becoming tradition, and a bunch of omelets, french toast, waffles, scrapple, and several cups of coffee. One of the party bucked the trend and went for a roast beef sandwich. We immediately noticed a bit of ‘nickel and dime’ action on the menu, clearly stating that coffee refills are limited to the second cup only (which means that you get a single refill), and that substituting egg beaters for plain eggs sets you back another $.50. On the waffles, fresh fruit will set you back $3.00 – for what looked like the quantity you’d get in a middle school fruit cup. The roast beef sandwich, little more than a wawa shortie, was nearly $8. Egads! The rest of the breakfast items were mid-to-high priced, but not obscene.

After an almost-too-long wait, we got our items – all at once. That’s a pretty big mistake as far as we’re concerned, because we really don’t want to get our ‘rings and ‘sticks with the rest of our food. They’re appetizers, and not only do we expect them first, but we want them gone from the table by the time the rest of the stuff came. On top of that – they were fairly cold, which prompted some of the group to insist we send them back. The problem appeared to be that Five Points was simply too short handed for a Sunday morning. There was one poor waiter running around taking care of one half of a very large dining room, and he could only do so much at once. It took us a bit of lobbying to get our ‘second cup’ coffee refills, but it was hard to blame our waiter for that. What we could blame him for, however, was a couple mishaps with our specific orders. For starters, I explicitly stated that I did not want cheese on my omelet, and of course, I got plenty of cheese. My buddy specifically asked for mayo on his roast beef sandwich, and was given it on the side instead. Finally, one of our coffee orders was delivered as iced tea. These lapses of accuracy probably come back to the chaos of the dining area, but still, that’s why you write things down.

Getting to the actual quality of the meal, there continued to be mixed opinion. For this review, I actually polled everyone at the table for a score from 1-5, to really reflect what the group thought. I promised them the averaged score is what I’d post here. Power to the people! For my tastes, my breakfast was actually a little overcooked, but still very good. There wasn’t a whole lot of ‘stuff’ in the western omelet, which disappointed me considering the super large dinner portions the Diner typically has. The opinion of others was mixed from downright disappointment to decidedly delicious. Here are the scores, in order of lowest to highest: 1.9, 2.3, 2.5, 2.5, 2.9, 3.3, 4.0. What you see is that more than half ranked it just average or lower, which coming into the review would have really surprised me.

Overall, we’d probably recommend to get breakfast at another of our diners we’ve scored a little higher, but we’ll definitely be looking for feedback on dinner. It’s possible that we came on a day when someone called out or there was some other mitigating circumstance that muddied our breakfast experience, or its possible that Five Points is slowly declining after years of good experiences I used to have there. We’ll let the rest of you weigh in.


– Breakfast portions were good
– Enough seating to accommodate our large group
– Not a long wait, even on busy Sunday morning
– Waiter was polite


– Extra little charges everywhere
– Some ordering mishaps
– Appetizers didn’t come out first
– Was hard to get service for refills and such
– One of the more expensive diners

Combined Group Score: 2.8 Chews


Subjective rating: Perhaps better for dinner?

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Five Points Diner Restaurant - Deptford, NJ, 2.2 out of 5 based on 9 ratings

5 Responses to " Five Points Diner Restaurant – Deptford, NJ "

  1. Paul says:

    I have eaten at Five Points for nearly 20 years now. It used to be a great Diner to go to for a good quick meal with friendly service. My wife and I noticed that things were getting disorganized within the last 2 years and food was taking longer and longer to come out and the quality was getting less.
    So this year we decided to give it 3 more chances spanned across 4 months. Every time we went there, mainly in the evening, the experience remained the same. Extremely long wait times for the servers first visit to us and very long waits to get the food. The food quality was terrible and 90% of the food was cool or even cold. Appetizers would come out with the meal every time, not prior as you would expect.
    We also started paying attention to the manager that was there every visit we made. He would stand around either talking to friends in the Diner or with family that was there. Ignoring the fact that every patron was experiencing the same thing we were. We could hear complaints all around us. There were servers standing around with the manager and other ones running around like crazy. This manager made no attempt to go in the back and determine why there was such long waits for his customers. Nor did he try to share the load amongst his servers. I guess the younger managers that have taken control of the business want it to fail or think they can just let it run itself. What a shame they are letting it go.

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  2. DUKE says:

    I too noticed the fact that they are over chargeing. roast turkey meal with stuffing 14$ where for example the elmer diner 9.99 same quantity if not better. its a shame cause we live 10 min from 5 points now we travel 20 min to get a great meal.

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  3. John Smith says:

    service is terrible, takes`forever. [edit: removed racially-charged and/or incendiary language]. the wife is petty and does not honor gift certicates, and they find excuses` to charge more. in short the service sucks and the nacp should file a`lawsuit for discrimination. not only do they make fun of miniorities but more to the point in 30 years in business and a staff of over 55 they never have hred a black or hispanic. this should be enough to boycott this racist establishment.

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  4. Dan says:

    First, nobody HAS to hire anyone. Second, I have seen minorities that have worked at this establishment. I’ll go to minority owned businesses and count how many whites they have there and then boycott them. It is the NAACP not the nacp. I’m sure you believe like the NBPP that all blacks should be given employment and f everyone else. Get a life. Nobody has to do anything unless you are white than you have to be a hostage to this race card mentality bs.

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  5. Tracy says:

    Don’t be fooled. They may have changed their name to Seven Star but only the sign changed. The food is still not good and served cold, over priced and the service is so extremely slow. We never got coffee refills, the juice we ordered, the bacon we ordered and couldn’t get a waitress to stop by at all. I got a western omelet that was dark brown and so unbelieveably dry. Want an English muffin instead of toast .79 extra. Everything was an extra charge. What a waste of time and money. I gave it so many tries when it was 5 Points and always was dissappointed. When I saw the change I hoped for a change but same rigid, rude management and terrible cooks as before. Too many other places out there to give them another chance.

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