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First Watch – Boca Raton, FL

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My first choice for breakfast!

First Watch – The Daytime Café
Boca Raton, FL
Menu: First Watch Website
Price: About $60 for brunch for 5 (not including tip)
Meal: Breakfast
Time: Saturday, 12:30 PM

No trip to Florida, however brief, is complete for me without a visit to First Watch. My dad first discovered the cozy breakfast café in Tampa and loves it so much that he goes back for breakfast nearly every day. Although this family reunion trip took us to the Boca Raton area, myself and 4 of my family members (dad included) discovered a First Watch while on the prowl for a place to have brunch.

The interior of First Watch is basic, but nice with bright green accents and definitely clean. Large booths line the walls with tables throughout. We were able to fit 3 average-sized people comfortably on one side of our booth. The service was friendly, but I found our particular waitress to be slightly “head in the clouds” (more on this later). She, however, was very busy and had a few complicated orders (from us, of course). I find the staff at the Tampa location to be friendlier and more helpful, but the service at the Boca Raton First Watch was by no means poor.

Two of the aspects of First Watch I most enjoy are the freshness of the ingredients and the ability to super-customize your order. My sister and I both ordered the fresh fruit crepes. The typical order comes with 2 crepes topped with low-fat strawberry yogurt and filled with assorted fresh fruit (strawberries, melon, cantaloupe, pineapple, grapes). It also comes with a “muffin of the day” and a small serving of granola. We both substituted a third crepe for the muffin. I ordered my crepes filled with only strawberries and bananas and my sister had them hold the yogurt. The crepes are sweet, thin, and delicate with just enough browning on the outside. Each crepe was filled with a generous portion of fresh fruit. I love the combination of the sweetness of the yogurt and the crunch of the granola on top of the crepes – (relatively) healthy and perfect breakfast!

My brother ordered scrambled eggs that came with home fries (small, cubed pieces of potato) and an English muffin. He also ordered a side of French toast. The French toast was made with thick sourdough bread and had a good flavor. My brother enjoyed the eggs as well, but didn’t really touch his home fries. I tried some and found them very good – on the salty side, but still fresh and browned to be crispy. My aunt also ordered scrambled eggs (well done, which they were) and a side of 2 pancakes. The pancakes were plate-sized huge and received rave reviews. My dad’s order was on the complicated side: wheat French toast battered in egg whites only. It took several wording variations and almost a dozen repetitions before the waitress seemed like she understood what was desired. My dad commented that the First Watch in Tampa never had a problem creating this order. I was impressed that the café would allow for such intricate meal customization.

The breakfast menu had multiple other eggs, omelets, and lots of pancake, waffle, and French toast creations. The menu also described the First Watch unique “crepeggs” (crepe combined with fluffy whipped eggs). The coffee was good and not bitter. Hot tea was served with a basket of various tea bags to choose from. The orange juice was very fresh – thick and pulpy. There were also brunch and lunch menus available, although we didn’t get a chance to look at those on our visit. I’ve been a First Watch fan since my dad first took me to the one in Tampa. I’m glad to see First Watch is expanding its doors (even into Pennsylvania) without sacrificing the reasons why I liked it in the first place.

Autumn’s Score: 3.9 Chews


Subjective rating: Nearly excellent.

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