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Escondidos Restaurant – Freehold, NJ

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Escondido’s Restaurant
Freehold, NJ
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Price: $34 (Two – Tip Included)
Meal: Lunch

A buddy and I hit up Escondido’s for lunch yesterday. Since I’m a big fan of Mexican food, would it hit the spot?

Escondido’s has a fairly simple and straightforward exterior. It did have a medium-sized area to eat outside, but there weren’t many (at least that I noticed) fun things like murals, Mexican flags, or hanging lights to put you in the mood that you’re eating in the barrio. The inside, however, was right on target. It has a neat, not obnoxious, brightly-colored interior with spanish music playing at a reasonable volume. We were told to seat ourselves and within a minute the waitress took our drink order.

The waitress came back with our drinks (my Michelob Ultra was just $3.25) and a nice basket of tortilla chips. The salsa, unfortunately, was pretty flat and I almost wished I brought a bottle of something from the store. It didn’t have a lot of flavor and seemed on the heavy side. The chips, though, were warm, crispy, and we happily took a second basket (at no extra cost).

I ordered the seafood enchilada with refried beans and rice. The beans were terrific and the rice wasn’t bad, so I had high hopes for the main course. It looked great – with a creamy white sauce covered on top of the shrimp and crabmeat-filled soft tortillas. Their taste, however, was a bit dry and the sauce didn’t do a whole lot besides add moisture and perhaps some aesthetic appeal. They had a noticeably fishy aftertaste which surprised me considering that shrimp and crabmeat aren’t two things I’d expect to have a strong smell. I’ve had plenty of seafood enchiladas elsewhere, and I can say in fairness that these were simply okay.

I asked my buddy how his burrito was, and he echoed that it too was “not too bad, but not great”. I think we both left with a sense that a place like this should have been a lot better.


– Fun interior and atmosphere
– Very nice, fast service
– Decent prices for domestic bottles


– Salsa was forgettable
– Main courses only ‘middle of the road’

Our Score: 2.5 Chews

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Escondidos Restaurant - Freehold, NJ, 3.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

2 Responses to " Escondidos Restaurant – Freehold, NJ "

  1. danielle says:

    I love Esconditos…best mexican around and the price can’t be beat….next time try the Polo Especial….AWESOME!!

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  2. Kim says:

    This restaurant should be absolutely ashamed of itself. The manager on duty tonight, Jim, was horrible and inconsiderate to say the very least. Denying a group of 8 half-priced appetizers while seating outside the cantina (even though each person ordered a drink or two), which we have gotten at that price several times in the past, and over-charging debit cards twice with no remorse is not just bad business but a sign of poor customer service. When we asked him to remedy the situation, he did not care. Do not patronize this establishment. They are thieves and don’t care about customer satisfaction. IT SUCKS! Shame on you.

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