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Easy Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

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While we wait for a new review, here’s one of my favorite fall treats I always loved when I was younger.  If you’ve never tried pumpkin seeds, it’s fairly cheap and an easy project for the kids before they start hacking up pumpkins for Halloween.

You’ll need:

Pumpkin (duh!)
Sharp, slender knife
Shallow pan
Prep Time – 10 minutes
Cook Time – 25 minutes 

Step 1. Cut a small circular hole in the pumpkin around the stem.

Step 2.
Yank out the stem, being sure to save any seeds clinging to the roots.

Step 3.
At first using your hands (yes, it will be messy!), pull out as much of the ‘stuff’ inside as you can, loosely sorting the seeds and the fiber.

Step 4.
After the easy clumps are out, use a spoon or a fork and gently scrape the inside. Separate the fiber from the seeds; it will be a little harder now.

Step 5.
Take the seeds and put them in the strainer, running under cold water.  Most of the fibery-rooty-pumpkin stuff will come off.


Step 6.
Finish cleaning out the inside of the pumpking if you want to make it a jack-o-latern later. You won’t get everything out, but it should look much cleaner.


Step 7.
Coat a shallow pan in olive oil, light butter, or cooking spray to prevent the seeds from burning. Sprinkle moderately to liberally with salt (or garlic powder) to taste. Make sure the seeds are spread apart and not clumped on top of another.


Step 8.
Cook for 25 minutes at 300 degrees to a golden brown. Use a wooden spoon and mix them up halfway through.  Depending on how crispy you want them, you may keep them in slightly longer. Be careful they do not get black. 

 Step 9.
If reheating, pop them in the toaster for one cycle. They’ll taste almost as good as they do out of the oven!

Step 10.
ENJOY! These are one of the best reasons to pay 1/2 price for those pumpkins after Halloween. Buying the seeds from a manufacturer are expensive! =)

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  1. I tried some of Guru’s pumpkin seeds and they were definitely very good! I’d recommend this recipe!

    Great pictures, too!

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