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Dunkin Donuts – Deptford, NJ

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America runs on Dunkin. Just not very cheaply.

Dunkin Donuts (Chain)
Deptford, NJ
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Price: $9.25 (Two – Includes Tip)
Meal: Breakfast
Time: 11:30a

Unless you’ve spent your life in crypto-freeze, you’ve heard of Dunkin Donuts, and probably have about fourteen of them within driving distance of your place. Not aiming to win any awards from the health-conscious, Dunkin is primarily a coffee ‘n donut shop with additional sandwiched breakfast fare. They do bake their bagels and donuts fresh and have a terrific variety.

My girlfriend and I were running late and hopped into a Dunkin for a quick eat. She ordered a small latte’ with a lightly buttered bagel, and I tried a breakfast combo considering of a breakfast sandwich and an iced coffee. Starting with the coffee, I actually prefer it to Dunkin’s more sophisticated competitor (that’s Starbucks, people!). As far as iced coffee goes, I’m more than content to drink it black and Dunkin’s offering has good flavor. The sausage, egg, and cheese creation was built on an everything bagel that was toasted perfectly. Keeping in perspective that the frozen sausage and egg patties are just nuked and melted over with cheese, it’s still good. Compared to Wawa’s sizzili, to which I’ve had plenty of, I’d give Dunkin the edge based on ‘freshness’ (they are built as you order them and not sitting in a wrapped on a hot plate) and complete ‘customization’ of the type of bread you want (you pick your type of bagel or croissant). If you really have a good appetite, the combo probably won’t fill you up.

For Autumn’s bagel, Dunkin employees have a tendency to go overboard on the butter, even when the orderer specifically requests ‘lightly buttered.’ If that’s a huge problem for any of you, I suggest getting the butter on the side. Butter for us, however, was $0.44 extra so make sure you don’t waste it! Autumn’s hot caramel latte (with skim milk) was perfect for her, but might not be recommended for those of you who don’t have a sweet tooth.

What will fill you up, however, is the price. After throwing a Sacajawea dollar in the tip mug to reward the clerks’ politeness, we were looking at over $9 for the two of us to have a semi-breakfast. For the same cost, we could have hit up a diner, gotten the coffee for free, and a larger portion of eggs, home fries, and even some toast. Ahhh, diners (Gateway shout out!).

In moderation, the cost is acceptable. Just don’t get in the habit of making Dunkin a daily stop, or you’ll have to be doing a whole lot of ‘running’ after all.


– Good coffee
– Good breakfast stuffs
– Service is consistently polite


– Nothing is especially cheap
– Anything but your basic black coffee is calorie-heavy

Downgrade 04/02/2008: Tried a coolatta for the first time today – yuck! With summer approaching, lots of blended coffee drinks are going to be sold. I strongly think the Starbucks (or Barnes and Noble clones) and local coffee house offerings are far superior and was disappointed. Adjusting score from 3.8 to 3.3.

Our Score: 3.3 Chews

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Dunkin Donuts - Deptford, NJ, 2.8 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

2 Responses to " Dunkin Donuts – Deptford, NJ "

  1. Pop Pop says:

    Though a bit pricey….at least it is consistent. And…you know know what the “cost drivers” are….so you might be able to shave a few cents off next time. But who can resist the Apple Crumb?

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  2. Gumpo says:

    Honestly, i don’t know how Dunkin Donuts manages to stay in business. I’d much rather just stop by a Wawa for my “fresh baked” donuts, breakfast sandwiches, and designer coffees. In my opinion, Wawa’s products are superior in every way. That said, Dunkin Donuts is certainly tolerable if you need a donut or coffee fix, it’s just never my first choice.

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