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Di Vellos Deli, Haddonfield, NJ

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Di Vello’s Deli
15 Kresson Road
Haddonfield, NJ
Phone: 856-428-6561 or 1-888-Divello’s
Purchases: Four Hoagies with two accompaniments and a big bag of chips. $39.

Number of visits: One

If you happen to be in the Haddonfield area make sure that you take the opportunity to stop at Di Vello’s Deli on Kresson Road. They have been around since 1980, which is a good indicator of many satisfied patrons. Upon entering the ” white house” you will find their display case of lunch meats; strategically placed throughout the building are shelves with a wide assortment of Italian cookies, cakes and other delights. Browsing is definitely part of the “fun”.

The Hoagies included two Italian, one tuna and a hot meat ball. All were $6.25 each. Our order was promptly taken by a friendly staff member and “done up” in a back room. Your reviewer had the meat ball, with freshly grated locatelli. While the roll was fresh, and the meatballs were warm the overall sandwich was rated “adequate” and merited 2.5 chews. The rating reflects a somewhat plain gravy for the unremarkable meat balls. Happily the Italian hoagies and the tuna were described as being very fresh and flavorful resulting in a 3 chew rating. Would we return? Yes, as there are a number of other hoagies that should be sampled. They number about 18 and include Roast Beef, Cranberry-Chicken and Peppercrack Turkey all common priced at $6.25. Boars Head luncheon meet is used; the tuna and egg salad are “homemade”. About 17 Hot Sandwiches are on offer, including Roast Pork at $6.25 and Chicken Cordon Bleu at $6.95. Homemade Salads have several choices including a Seafood Salad, Pasta Florentina and Tuna & Shells. You can also select the homemade Soup du Jour and Chili Con Carne, starting at $2 for an 8 ounce serving, upgrading to an extra large of 32 ounces for $8. There are more than a dozen Specialty Steak sandwiches all common priced at $6.95, and more than two dozen other sandwiches and wraps. Salad Platters can be had and are ” tossed to order” starting at $6.25. Caesar Salads, likewised “tossed to order” come in a Chicken or Tuna version at $6.95 each. Rounding out this full service deli you can order Party Trays of Hoagies, Cold Cuts, Italian Specialties and homemade Desserts. You will be glad you visited!

Pop Pop’s Score: 2.75 Chews
Subjective rating: Hit and miss.

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