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Crescent Moon Coffee and Tea – Mullica Hill, NJ

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Crescent Moon Coffee and Tea
Mullica Hill, NJ
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Price: $3.60 (One)
Meal: After-dinner coffee
Time: Saturday, 8 PM
Special Note: Live music on Saturdays
Compare to: Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts

After a fun night in Philadelphia, Autumn and I met some friends at the Crescent Moon for a relaxing end to our evening. Located in yet another eyesore of a NJ stripmall, Crescent did allure us with original music and the promise of coffeedom-luxury. Was it enough to best the national coffee giants? Probably not.

The interior of Crescent looks comfortable, un-snootishly upscale, and larger than your typical Starbucks. I was notified they offer wireless internet as well – a big plus for a guy like me that expects internet access everywhere. There was a couch or two, several lazyboy-esque chairs, and plenty of tables to meet the needs of the Saturday night crowd. The music, which I later learned was courtesy of Coffee House Players, was traditional cafe fare .. mostly acoustical with a relaxing, pleasant vibe.

At the front of the cafe, there was a large glass display case with various desserts that all looked very good. I didn’t have room for a dessert, but I’d later find someone that would share their opinion. As far as coffee goes, I was very impressed with their variety of choices to take home. Whereas one is limited in the mega-chains to mostly Columbian coffee, which usually isn’t shade-grown or fair-traded, Crescent lets you purchase such exotic varieties as Indonesian, Mexican, and even African beans that have better environmental and economical practices. I even learned that Crescent is a rather big-wig reseller of coffee to other smaller coffee houses, and this is no surprise based on their rather extensive selection.

Unfortunately, I still have an excess of coffee at the apartment, so just ordered a 16oz ‘grande’ cappuccino (I wish some of these places would stop following Starbucks and just call it a medium!). After a few minutes to prepare it, I paid the $3.60, threw some change in the tip jar, and hopped on the couch. The price should be competitive with the larger competitors depending on where you live. The service was essentially a non-factor since I waited for my drink to be given to me. The guy who made it for me was polite to the minimum extent of professionalism.

I sat with a friend that had ordered a chocolate cupcake, and discussed what we thought. For starters, the cappuccino was a bit on the bitter side for me. I didn’t use any sweeteners, but I preferred the taste of the mega-chains to what I had in my hand. Our friends’ drinks were a mixed bag, with one stating that the plain coffee was perfect, and the other lukewarm on the experience. They both agreed that the cupcake they shared was a bit on the dry side, and had wished they tried something else.

Overall, I wanted to like Crescent Moon more than I actually did. With a few other small coffee shops in Mullica Hill alone, there’s some stiff competition and you’ve really got to make this stuff superb to create a following. Next time, I’d be just as content to try another place.


– Super comfy atmosphere
– Competive pricing against national chains
– Music (Saturday night only) was fairly good


– Cappuccino fairly bitter
– Desserts may be hit or miss
– Other drinks may be hit or miss

Guru’s Score: 2.9 Chews
Subjective Rating: A shade above average.

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Crescent Moon Coffee and Tea - Mullica Hill, NJ, 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

1 Response to " Crescent Moon Coffee and Tea – Mullica Hill, NJ "

  1. Liz Franklin says:

    I frequently go to Crescent Moon, mainly because it’s close, but also because I like strong coffee. The owners are very enthusiastic about their products even though the staff is not is excitable. The owners are also very well versed in the different types of coffee. This is a serious business.

    I have tried several different coffee drinks. Each one is very strong, but some are more bitter. I also found that it depends on who makes the coffee drink. Every time I bought a latte, it tasted burned until one day a kid name Zach made it. It was smooth and perfect. I immediately found out his name and whenever he was there, I had him make my espresso drinks. Now, I just buy beans, have them ground to use for stuff at home, and I stick to a red eye.

    I don’t usually hang around in the shop, but when I do, it’s to get away from home and savor a minute of peace. It’s not very noisy there, except when the teenie boppers are there.

    I’d give it three out of five.

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