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Colonial Diner – Woodbury, NJ

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Hard to park, but easier to enjoy.

Colonial Diner – Woodbury, NJ
Meal: Breakfast / Weekend / 11am
Price: $70 (For 7 – Not Including Tip)
Menu: Colonial Website

Colonial is one of the more recognized names of the ‘diner belt’ of South Jersey. Located on broad street cutting through the center of Woodbury, the Colonial is a small, family-run diner with a simple weathered-looking exterior. Our Sunday breakfast group decided to head over and run the diner through its paces, and, as is becoming usual for our Sunday reviews, we polled each individual at the table to come up with a true representative score. With competition for our Sunday dollar just about everywhere, would Colonial win us outright?

The interior of Colonial is fairly standard and geared towards larger groups. We liked the square padded booths and rounded tables for bigger parties, but on this occasion the only space they had left was to put a couple of square tables side by side. There is a large enough ‘waiting area’ that would probably be just as effective at half the size (while freeing up at least a couple more table spaces). Interior decor is textbook, and there won’t be anything to wow you. I personally liked the availability of candy at the register (grin). The Diner has a professional and clean menu, but won’t let you split your check with your buddies. In the instance you’re lacking cash, you have to go to the register and pay your portion and return your friends with the balance of the bill. I’m not sure how this is really any more efficient than just having the waitress draw you up a separate bill, but we were explicitly told this was the case.

For starters, we tried the new fried broccoli bites. They were deep fried, peppered here and there with some cheese on the inside, and came served with a ranch sauce. All of us really liked it. A few coffees seemed on the bitter side, but we liked that they offered free refills with no limit. Our waitress was pleasant, and though busy, did her best to make us feel welcome. We liked that another waitress who was not servicing our table offered coffee refills in passing – that’s something we absolutely love to see. Colonial’s menu prices are anything but, and a typical omelet will set you back almost $8.

For our meals, we tried several of those omelets, some sausage, scrapple (hey, not me!), and our usual dissenter went with a taco salad. The waitress nailed my egg beaters request but missed an order of toast for a friend. Generally, the omelets were good, but one was sent back due a claim of being severely overcooked. The sausages and scrapple were cooked well and with average taste. Special requests for ‘dry eggs’ were met without complaint. The taco salad was very large and presented in a tortilla bowl with salsa and ranch dressing on the side. The ‘Chewee’ had ordered this in the past and enjoyed it again.

The diner has some good desserts; a friend told me that they frequently have milk chocolate covered strawberries available, and we ordered a couple for the heck of it. They were fairly large, covered head-to-toe in chocolate, and a neat addition to a diner lineup. At $1.50 each they’re probably fairly priced considering they’re not typical menu items. Lots of other cakes and pastries twirled around the presentation machine, but we didn’t have the room for much else. Parking for the Diner could be problematic on weekends, as we took up the last two spots when entering. If you come with a similar group, it might help to consolidate transportation.

Scores for the breakfast from our table were: 2.75, 3.0, 3.0, 3.5, 3.5, 4.0, 4.0.


– Pleasant service
– Chocolate-covered strawberries
– Very friendly to large groups


– Breakfast prices were competitively very high
– No splitting your check
– Parking very cramped

Combined Group Score: 3.39 Chews


Subjective rating: Affirmative.

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