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Cobblestone Grill of Elfreth’s Alley – Citizen’s Bank Park – Philadelphia, PA

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The Phils won, but we all lose paying $9 for cheesesteak.

Cobblestone Grill of Elfreth’s Alley
Citizen’s Bank Park – Philadelphia, PA
Price: $28 (for two – no tip necessary)
Meal: Lunch / Weekday / 3pm
Website: Park Concessions Website

We’ve previously taken a look at Harry the Ks Broadcast Grill (we’ll miss you, Harry!) and the Hatfield Grill in the gorgeous Citizen’s Bank Park, and on this trip we tried another outlet to get our fix for some ballpark goodness. So far, the food quality, care of the Aramark-monopoly, is batting a fairly low average. Would Cobblestone hit it out of the park or turn out to be another lazy fly ball to right?

You’ll find the Grill behind sections sections 207 and 319 in the Phillies’ sprawling stadium. Service is mostly cafeteria-style, with selections of cheesesteaks ($8.75), burgers ($6.75), veggie burgers ($5.75), and fries ($4.00) dominating the menu. Like most of the food at the concession stands, they appear to be made rapid-fire under the expectation that they will sell quickly. With a small crowd, this means you might get something a little cold, and in a large crowd, this means you may get something with unmelted cheese, not-so-fried onions, etc. Neither is particularly appealing, but keep in mind you don’t have to eat at the game.. we all just seem to want to.

My brother and I got two cheesesteaks (both with fried onions), a side of fries, and two bottles of water. The tab? An eye-popping $28. My brother paid, though, so I didn’t have to experience heartburn interfering with my lunch. After paying for everything, you’ll have to go to a condiments station, unwrap your cheeseteak (which was thankfully heavily packed), find some room for ketchup, and likely re-roll your cheeseteak. This is a very messy and cumbersome process, especially as very large guys rumble past you with mile-high trays of food. There weren’t any little plastic containers to load up with ketchup or whatever else you wanted. There are also no places to sit, so if you want to have a regular sit-down lunch, you’ll have to walk your lunch to one of the outfield patios and hope there’s a table open that’s not reserved for another restaurant. Chances are you’ll be eating it in your seat.

The cheesesteaks look to be a good 10″ long, and full to the brim. For $8.75, we’re happy you get a load of steak. Unfortunately, it wasn’t anything special and didn’t have a lot of flavor from the cheese or the onions. It was better than the steak we had at Harry the Ks, but that one was a bit cheaper so in a Philadelphia stadium I’m again disappointed in the quality of our beloved steaks. Moving on to the fries, you get a fairly large portion for the $4 – at least equal to a large at McDonalds. They looked fresh cut (although I doubt they actually are) and and had a terrific flavor and just enough salt for taste. I’d get another one of these again, and maybe try some of the cheese-whizzy sauce they were selling for a buck or two. If I had to get a cheesesteak again, I’d jam some fries in there to add a little something extra.

The reality is that the Cobblestone Grill is another ho-hum concessioner at the ballpark that seems to sell replica, not authentic, Philadelphia gut-busting cuisine. It was by no means bad, but for almost $30, in addition to the Phil’s sky-high ticket prices, I think we deserve more.

Guru’s Score: 2.5 Chews
Subjective rating: Here’s the pitch ~~ just a bit outside.
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