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Chubby Balboas Sports Grille – Glen Mills, PA

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200 Town Centre Dr
Glen Mills, PA 19342
Website: Chubby Balboas

Chubby Balboa’s, a marketing spoof on the Rocky movies,  is the latest entrant into the growing congestion of eateries lining the Glen Mills/Concordville corridor.   Tucked off the road in a populated promenade, a glittery water fall sign bearing the establishments name greets hungry patrons first waltzing in.  It is an aesthetic backdrop to the hostess desk which was noticeably empty when I entered.

I seated myself at the bar and was impressed with the wide selection of non-traditional drafts on tap and the near endless row of cold beers visible in the refrigerated holds.   As with any new restaurant, disorganization was par for the course.  Two bartenders patrolled the bar and ignored my very existence.  The dining room staff milled around like a flock of sheep while others ran around in the manner of crazed chickens with no heads.  It was feast or famine for sure and I was famished.

Patient, but restless, I flagged down a bartender and order a Heineken.  I requested a menu and narrowed my choice down to the chicken cutlet or the carved turkey sandwich.  Dubious of the word “carved”, my suspicious was confirmed when the accented bartender confirmed the sliced bird was nothing more than ordinary deli meat.  Let the menu buyer beware.

The pan made chicken cutlet arrived on a roll and was topped with spinach.  It was not quite as potent as Popeye’s potion, but the chicken was moist and well done.  Slightly bland, I requested a side of the chipotle mayo which accented the meal to my satisfaction.   The potato chips were entirely too salty, yet I scarfed down the compliment of chips.   All in all, it was not a bad debut for the Concordville challenger.

The bar is a coliseum shape and the tables and booths surround it on three sides.  The bar is of a modest size and will fill up quickly.   A few leather chairs are available on one wall of the bar.  Its main appeal is the obscene number of high definition flat screens.   Plantation of a sports lover’s paradise in an area where the true sports bar is not present was a shrewd maneuver.   Televisions are even present above the two urinals in the mens bathroom.  It is not possible to miss a pitch, throw, hoop or goal here.

I did not care for the tacky plastic push down soap dispensers with the goblin green sticker.  It had the appeal of a medical supply product pulled from the operating room.  Despite the bathroom décor and due to the food and drink and the unexpected sight of my friend and her little girl who stopped over to say hello, I left in a good mood.  No reviewer could say it any more plain.  That’s why people go out in the first place.

I did return for a rematch.  I would not recommend the Chubby Sandwich.  The inferior bread used deflates true enjoyment.   The two pretty ladies joining me each ordered individual pizzas, plain and crab respectfully.  The pizza was well portioned and neither could finish their plate in its entirety.  I had a different opinion as we tend to disagree, but that is a topic of discussion not suitable here.

My view of Chubby Balboa’s was better in round one than round two.   3.5 out of 5 is my final referee decision.

Our Score: 3.5 Chews ★★★½☆
Subjective rating: A contenda’.

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Chubby Balboas Sports Grille - Glen Mills, PA, 2.1 out of 5 based on 10 ratings

4 Responses to " Chubby Balboas Sports Grille – Glen Mills, PA "

  1. adam boffa says:

    this is the best decor ever with a twist of italian monument inside, but this place is empty inside:worst staff
    worst food
    worst managment

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  2. Mike A says:

    The atmosphere was great the food was horrible but the beers were ice cold. the main problem is all the talk about the contractors that were never paid to make the place what it is.

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  3. Sandy says:



    Food was ok, servers were ok, bartenders were blah.

    Good try Chubbys, good luck staying open into the summer.

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  4. Chewru Guru says:

    Were you a contractor? Can’t seem to find anything on Google about that. If you’ve got a link, feel free to post. Seems fair game if they indeed stiffed people.

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