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Chauncys – Blue Anchor, NJ

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Good intentions only go so far.

303 South Route 73
Blue Anchor, New Jersey 08037
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Phone: 609-561-5880

South of the Berlin circle route 73 takes on a more rural nature, with open spaces and roadside fruit and flower stands. On this crisp December day there were already signs in evidence for Christmas tree farms as well. Before long Chauncy’s is reached and it is a familiar sight to your reviewer. Having been there a number of times over the past three years, it is a pleasant enough outing-gentle on the gas tank. There is plenty of free parking directly in front and to the side of the building. The interior consists of a long L shaped bar to the right of the entryway, and to the left are two sections containing booths and tables. This is a friendly place, even if you are not from the area, and nothing pretentious about it. To your reviewer it always seems very clean. Some holiday decorations were in evidence again – nothing over the top, just a nod to the season.

A number of specials were on a chalk board suspended from the ceiling, including meatloaf with Swiss cheese and grilled onions on rye. Now your reviewer ranks meatloaf as the consummate “comfort food” but was able to resist the temptation. Instead the first task at hand was to order an appetizer, in this case Fried Mozzarella Sticks at $4.95. Your review also chose the Crab Cake Sandwich and a diet soda; the companion diner chose a Reuben, a side of old bay fries and an iced tea.

A glance at the menu reflected 12 Appetizers including Steamed Clams and Stuffed Mushroom Caps. Expect to pay from $5.25 upwards to $7.95. Soup & Salad combinations were offered, along with four different Wrap sandwiches. The wraps started at $4.95 to $6.95. There were half a dozen specialty sandwiches including New Orleans Chicken and Pulled Pork. Grilled sandwiches and a variety of Steak sandwiches were also offered. Four different burgers (one half pound) were featured. Rounding out the menu was a limited dessert offering including ice cream, rice pudding, chocolate mousse and pie due jour.

The appetizer clearly disappointed, as the four Mozzarella sticks were “institutional” at best. Even with a tasty marina sauce they couldn’t cut it. Additionally, they were tepid to warm, but not hot. If you are in search of the “ultimate crab cake”, unfortunately, you must also continue on your quest. Although nicely broiled and substantial in size-almost equal in circumference to that of the Kaiser roll it was just “adequate”. It wasn’t as firm as your reviewer might have liked and “blended “into the Kaiser so much that the roll itself had to be set aside in favor of the crab cake. The side cup of Cole slaw was drowning in too much mayo. On the companion side all was thumbs up for the old bay fries and the Reuben. It was substantial and tasty, so much so that an additional take home sandwich was bought for a family member.

Your reviewer decided a little “sweet” was in order and opted for an apple pie. Unfortunately the amiable waitress advised that for some inexplicable reason none was to be had. Of the alternatives, the cheese cake was selected. It arrived, unadorned, and in a smaller rather than larger slice. That was a good thing inasmuch as it was of the very dense type sitting atop a graham cracker crust. Your reviewer knows a good cheese cake, and this clearly was not “home made”. For this visit Chauncy’s would merit 2.2 chews. Other meals your reviewer has had here would have scored much better.


– Some good sandwiches
– Reasonable prices


– Very inconsistent
– Forgettable Appetizers and Deserts

Pop Pop’s Score: 2.2 Chews
Subjective rating: Less than average. Disappointing.

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