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Capone’s Restaraunt – Norristown, PA

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It’s okay, Mr. Ness, they’re really a legitimate business operation.

Capone’s Restaurant – Norristown, PA
224 W Germantown Pike
Meal: Lunch (6 people) / 12pm
Price: $67 (Excludes Tip)

I admit it, I love restaurant lore. When someone tells me that they have the *best* place for a burger.. a spot of legendary, mouth-watering, medium-rare goodness? I’m there. Capone’s came with such a high recommendation that I couldn’t help but go a little out of my way to make a review possible.

Driving up with some friends, my first impression was that we really picked the wrong time to go. Parking was at a major premium, with a lone spot vacant at the very front of a lot that most assuredly being missed by incoming patrons. Judging by the volume of people in the joint, it was clear that the available parking is very proportional to the available seating. Had we not carpooled there, some of us might had to take a little walk to get to the front door.

The interior is fairly no frills and looks much more like a dedicated bar than a restaurant. We grabbed a strangely vacant round table near the bathrooms. The menu was more extensive than I expected, but we all were getting what we came for .. burgers of every construction.

For starters, we tried a sampler of appetizers. Included were mozzarella sticks, pepper poppers, potato skins, and an added side of onion rings. Of those listed, the onion rings were superior. Lightly fried without being drippy, they had a terrific flavor and a very good portion size. The skins and poppers were popular with the group as well, and only the mozzarella sticks seemed to fall short. Combined with the marinara sauce, they had a freezer-burned tinge that we really should have sent back.

The service was a little clumsy and rushed. We were notified that the kitchen was backed up and that a late-arriving member of our party might have to wait an additional 20 minutes after we received our food to get his burger. We avoided this conflict by getting his order over the telephone and placing it all at the same time. Sodas were doled out in prompt fashion, with the waitress later conceding to giving us full pitchers of regular and diet – a much better approach.

The burgers ordered included mushroom and swiss, bacon, and plenty of regular burgers and cheeseburgers. All came included with a handful of fries (not distributed equally) and a good supply of lettuce, tomato, and onion. They were topped off with plain buns. Mine, ordered medium rare, was delivered as such although I got the short end of the fries compared to some of my buddies. The burgers were of a comprable size to what you’d get in a diner. Especially considering the earlier appetizers, there’s enough to fill you up. In fact, some of my friends weren’t able to finish.


– Majority of appetizers are great

– Terrific burgers

– Reasonable prices


– Limited seating/parking during peak times

– So-so service

Capone's Exterior

Capone's Exterior

Guru’s Score: 3.3 Chews


Subjective rating: Worth a ‘shot’.

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Capone's Restaraunt - Norristown, PA, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

1 Response to " Capone’s Restaraunt – Norristown, PA "

  1. Liz says:

    I love this restaurant! From the wonderful wings, crab legs, burgers, and broiled salmon. The drinks, such as my favorite, my Southern Comfort Mahnattan is made to perfection :)The barmaids know how to serve, and chat friendly with all the local yocals who attend regularly. On beer tasting nights, there are folks who drive from North Carolina to taste the beers. You shall find any kind of beer imagineable. My cousin who dines there with me nicknamed Capone’s “The Beer Store”
    Many nights, those in the dining area also get the treat of a few taste tests of beer.
    The parking is an issue because so many nights with all of the customers, it is a challenge to find a parking spot. And that aspect says alot of the reputation of Capone’s. A great place to either drink in the bar and chat with friendly patrons, or sit in the dining area and have an excellent meal with attentive service :)

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