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Brunic’s Breakfast and Grill – Westville, NJ

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Brunic’s no cynic about breakfast.

Brunic’s Breakfast and Grill – Westville, NJ
821 Crown Point Rd
Meal: Breakfast / 11am / Weekend
Price: $62 (Excludes Tip)

Our weekend breakfast group has rotated through several different restaurants to accomodate travel of our small Sunday army. We’ve visited Gateway Diner and Brooklawn Diner with positive impressions, Helen’s Greentree and the now-defunct Weber’s Restaurant with less than stellar marks, and for the last two weekends, Brunic’s Breakfast and Grill. Does it deserve a spot in the rotation?

Brunic’s was imagined from the old Crowne Point Diner in Westville, although I’m not sure about the background of the original. The outside is very simple, with a bright yellow sign (in the spirit of Denny’s) the only thing that breaks the monotony of the Sunoco refinery looming on the far side of the road. The inside is simple too.. you’ll find clean, oversided tables in an open dining room and a single expansion room which adds more privacy for larger groups. On a sunday morning, the volume of patrons was moderate, and it should be a shorter wait than some other area diners. Nothing too fancy – which is good – because we’re more interested in lower prices than how expensive the interior stuff is.

The menu consists or regular diner fare with posted breakfast and dinner specials. It’s not as extensive as a lot of their peers, but their prices are competitive. Omelets come with home fries, toast, and coffee and won’t run you more than $8. Our favorite is the 7th Street variety that has a nice combination of your choice of meat, veggies, and potatoes. Substituting egg beaters is extra, which is a drag. Pancakes were generally moist and yummy – and if you want a treat for your eyes, ask for the ‘hubcaps’. For those in our group that like scrapple (yuck!), they were happy with it a majority of the time they ordered it. I had a chance to try the Country special (chipped chip beef over toast with your choice of eggs) and thought it was excellent. Portion sizes are average. There are probably a dozen ways you can get eggs, pancakes, or waffles, and sadly I won’t find my favorite breakfast burrito.

The real strength of Brunic’s has been the service. We were lucky enough to have the same server several of the times we went and we thought she was excellent. We’re cautious, though, because the one time we didn’t have her it seemed like we waited forever to get our food. Overall, though, we’re still pleased with the service. Parking is inadequate for a full house, but there’s a lot across the one-lane street which is only a few steps away. My breakfast group has taken a liking to this place, which is fine with me because even when the restaurant is packed, we’ve never waited more than a few minutes for a seat and I know I’m going to get a decent meal. We’ll definitely be back, and after spending a few weeks at Brooklawn Diner in the Sunday breakfast rush, I think it’s easy to appreciate having a place like Brunic’s where you generally won’t sacrifice a good meal for a comfortable seat.


– Friendly atmosphere
– Good service
– Consistently good meals


– Not a whole lot of variety on the menu
– Might have trouble accommodating large groups
– Some little fees here and there we don’t like (coffee, substitutions, etc..)

Guru’s Score: 3.8 Chews
Subjective rating: A keeper for breakfast.
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