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Blondie’s Sports Bar and Grill – Las Vegas, NV

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More like a bleached blonde.

Blondie’s Las Vegas
Miracle Mile Shops – Planet Hollywood Casino
3663 Las Vegas Blvd S Las Vegas, NV 89109
Price: $31 (For Two – Excludes Tip) 
Website: Not the Prettiest!

In a series of new reviews from the Vegas strip, we hit Blondie’s for a (strangely vacant) post-lunchtime visit.  Located within the pretty interior of the Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops, would this be more of a sure thing .. or a gamble?

Blondie’s is a college sports themed bar and grill that seems to try to draw you in with a ‘squad’ of young waitresses in skimpy cheerleader outfits. My brother really liked it, but I was too hungry to care as much as he did. We had free reign to sit where we wanted; the restaurant had only a scant few patrons as we arrived. The interior was chock full of televisions, but they weren’t the most impressive array. Some were really large as a result of ‘networking’ several smaller monitors, and others were just small, period. It seemed the tech of the interior was rigged together for the sake of quantity, not quality. On the walls and ceilings there was a bevy of memorabilia from both college and pro sports. The bar was of average size, and smartly located on the side of the restaurant where it would not be obtrusive to diners. 

Our waitress was polite enough and tried to accommodate a strange request (I asked if they had any baking soda they could put into a glass of water – it’s a very effective antacid in a pinch!). After informing us they couldn’t help me, we took a look at what I thought was a limited and pricey menu and decided on a turkey club with light mayo. My brother opted for the corned beef. Neither came with more than a pickle, so we ordered a side of cheese fries to the tune of $6. We were told they typically come with cheez whiz junk, but after request they were able to mix some ‘real’ cheddar and mozzarella on top to make for a much better side. A corona set my bro back another $5, and likely because of the extreme water shortage in the west, water was only available in bottle form for $1. The price was great for a retail bottle – being forced to pay for water was not. Both sandwiches tipped the scales at $10.

After about ten minutes, the food came. Portion sizes were fairly large and you even got a full pickle instead of a slice.  The turkey club had thick-sliced lunchmeat-style turkey with a little too ‘light’ mayo (which was my request so it’s difficult to fault them), making the sandwich on the dry side. Still, it was good enough to power through and I enjoyed it. The cheese fries were curly-style with a smattering of the two ‘fresh’ cheeses they had available. Very good for something they apparently had to improvise. My brother loved his corn beef sandwich, but only after they were able to provide him what they claimed was their last bottle of spicy mustard.  

Overall, nothing stood out at me as a compelling reason to rank this much higher than your typical sports bar. The atmosphere would have been better with some real games going on (instead of muted sportscenter and soccer games), but despite generous portions I still would have liked to see the food a couple bucks cheaper across the board.  My brother thought it was a little odd they didn’t have Miller Lite.


– Large Portions
– Above average bar food quality


– Premium pricing
– Pay for water
– Small menu

Guru’s Score: 2.7 Chews


Subjective rating: Bah rah.

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