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Bennys Place – Philadelphia, PA

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Benny’s Place
Philadelphia, PA
Meal: Lunch ( twice)
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Visitors, and locals alike, keep the eastern part of Chestnut Street in Philadelphia busy. The Independence National Historical Park attractions and Society Hill are major draws . If you are looking to have a decently priced meal, in a no frills environment, then you might consider Benny’s place. Your reviewer would categorize Benny’s as an ‘urban diner’ type establishment though it is located in a high rise building on the north side of Walnut. There’s no fancy entrance and when you do come in you basically get a view of the hardworking crew in the kitchen. Deceptively larger than it might appear at first glance, there is a front seating section with views on Walnut. The middle booth section eventually merges with the larger back portion….plenty of seating, no doubt about it.

Depending upon what time you come can be an important consideration. The ambiance, so understated as to not readily be noticeable, gives a nod to the historical surroundings. There is a moderate sized wall mural of colonial-esque nature in the middle section. To the reviewer it appears more like a Williamsburg rather than Philadelphia scene. Service at Benny’s is pretty much straight forward….the wait staff has been known to joke around now and then with the customers. Your reviewer has been there twice in about as many months for lunch. Due to the favorable impression based on the meal, Benny’s was invited to cater a luncheon at your reviewer’s employer.

The menu is fairly typical with wide enough variety for breakfast and lunch. Hot and cold sandwiches, hot egg dishes, sides and some desserts. Your reviewer and his two work associates pretty much had breakfast at lunch during the first visit. The ham and cheese omelette your reviewer ordered was cooked as requested and was generous in size; you didn’t have to look for the ham….it came to you. Breakfast potatoes were not greasy and reasonably well done. A side of whole wheat toast and a decaf coffee (unremarkable but acceptable) rounded out the order. The co-workers selections included scrambled eggs and another ham and cheese omelette all of which seemed to keep hunger at bay.

The second visit was pretty consistent with the first. Being the creature of habit your reviewer had the usual ham and cheese omelette while a co-worker enjoyed a ham and cheese sandwich. Again all was as expected. Believing that consistency is important your reviewer gave for both visits a solid 3 chews. Leo, who is the force in the kitchen, did a good job with the catered lunch. It consisted of generous sandwiches, sides of cole slaw, Caesar Salad and brownies. Likewise the invitees to the meeting went away happy, at least as regards the food. Worth a visit if you are in the area.

Pop Pop’s Score: 3.0 Chews
Subjective Rating: On the good side of average.

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  1. Chewru Autumn says:

    Guru and I will have to check out Benny’s. We certainly don’t frequent enough urban diners.

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