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Bahama Breeze – Cherry Hill, NJ

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Bahama Breeze
Cherry Hill, NJ
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Date: June, 2007
Meal: Lunch
Price Paid: $34.21

My first visit to Bahama Breeze likely won’t be my last. Although the $34 price tag for lunch was on the expensive side, I was pleased with the dining experience and absolutely loved the food.

We started off with the Tostones with Chicken, and interesting-sounding appetizer of deep-friend plantains covered with a ‘nachos supreme’ setup of salsa, mushrooms, onions, cheese, and sweet peppers. I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as plantains were concerned; my initial reaction would be that I’d be eating large banana chips. The appetizer was served on a large dish and more than enough to satisfy two people with a comfortable portion. Presentation was excellent, the cheese and toppings looked great, the chicken was tender and flavorful, and to my surprise, the deep-fried plantains were absolutely delicious covered in all of it.

For our main course, I had the almond-crusted Mahi-Mahi with garlic mashed potatoes and vegetables. One thing I especially liked about the experience was that there was a good 5-10 minutes of conversation time between us finishing the appetizer and getting the main course. I do not like being jammed my entrée when I’m still working on the appetizer, so I appreciated the break.

The Mahi-Mahi was out of this world. Covered in a tasty almond sauce, the fish was very meaty, tender, and extremely well cooked. The edges had a nice crispy texture that was very satisfying to taste. The mashed potatoes had a homemade taste to them, with medium-sized chunks of potatoes giving it plenty of texture. They were garnished with a tree-like stalk of thyme which was a neat touch. As far as side dishes go, they were pleased. The other vegetables were good, but they didn’t stand out in any particular fashion.


– Terrific quality food
– Polite service
– Relatively clean

– Slow(ish) service

Our Score: 3.85 Chews

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Bahama Breeze - Cherry Hill, NJ, 2.3 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

2 Responses to " Bahama Breeze – Cherry Hill, NJ "

  1. Anna says:

    We always enjoy the food at Bahama Breeze, but the service is so sorely lacking that we hesitate to go there unless we know we’ll have plenty of time for our meal. It’s nice to have a little conversation time, but we have waited upwards of 20 minutes for a check at the end of a meal!

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  2. Chewru Guru says:

    Yeah, I’m with you. Maybe that’s the Bahamanian way of life? Still, with food that good.. maybe it’s worth it. =)

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