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Antonino’s Pizza – Blackwood, NJ

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Wet around the edges.

Antonino’s Pizza
Blackwood, NJ
Price: About $20 (without tip, but with a coupon)
Meal: Lunch
Time: 3 PM on a Sunday

On a lazy Sunday afternoon by the neighborhood pool, my mom and I watched a nearby group of seniors chowing down on pizza. When asked where they had ordered the pizza, we were handed a menu for Antonino’s and instructed to make sure we ordered the crust “well done.” The menu had coupons included inside, but none of the coupons looked especially cheaper than their regular menu prices. Despite this, we decided to take our chances and selected a coupon for 2 large pizzas. The person who took our order over the phone was friendly enough and told us delivery to the pool would take about 45 minutes.

About 30 minutes later, we saw the pizza delivery person wandering poolside and flagged him over. Both my mom and I were surprised he actually came inside the pool area to deliver the pizza. We had been planning to wait in the parking lot after about 35 minutes. He was friendly enough and my mom and I tipped the good service accordingly. Despite our initial positive impression of Antonino’s, we were disappointed with product.

We had ordered 2 large cheese pizzas – 1 with half sausage. The pizza that was supposed to be half sausage was topped with barely any sausage at all. I’d also like to note that the sausage was very finely chopped, not sausage chunks (which I prefer). The crust was extremely soft. It wasn’t doughy, but certainly not cooked enough to sustain the weight of any amount of toppings. I wished I had remembered to order the crust well done as suggested by our senior friends earlier. If I ever decide to give Antonino’s a second chance in the future, I’ll certainly remember to do so. Both pizzas had a substantial amount of cheese and tomato sauce. The tomato sauce was nicely flavored. Because of the crust’s inability to bear any weight, however, all of the toppings kept sliding right off the crust. This made the pizza very messy and difficult to eat. The pizza was also a little on the oily side, but not terribly so. It was fine for me, but my mom wasn’t crazy about it and had to resort to blotting her slices with napkins to remove the excess oil.

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Overall, Antonino’s pizza was relatively average. It was not the worst pizza I’ve ever had, but it certainly was far from the best. I think a lot of our problems with the pizza could be solved by ordering the crust well done, which is partially our fault for not remembering to do so. I would also like to see Antonino’s offer coupons that are actually bargains (i.e. coupons that save more than $1 or $2). I might chance getting pizza from there again in the future because of its convenient location, but, with so many other pizza places in the Blackwood/Clementon area to try, I would rather take my gamble somewhere else.

– Poolside delivery
– Relatively quick and friendly delivery service
– Lots of cheese/tomato sauce

– Coupons are so-so deals
– Too soft crust makes for messy eating

Autumn’s Score: 2.5 Chews


Subjective rating: Nothing special.

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